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Enrique Liñero
Country Manager
Through investments in access and innovation, Sandoz strengthens its market positioning.
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Canadian Apotex, a pioneer in the Mexican generics market, celebrates 25 years of work in Latin America.
Cost Savings, Health Through Biosimilars
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Biosimilars bring cost savings while delivering excellent quality. Find out the local opportunities in this area.
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Fernando Sampaio
Country Lead and General Manager
Sanofi Mexico and Sanofi Pasteur
After bringing its personalized solutions and a vaccine production plant to Mexico, Sanofi is now developing and producing COVID-19 vaccines.
Was the COVID-19 Pandemic Preventable? WHO Explains
Weekly Roundups
This week WHO discussed how the current pandemic could have been avoided, while real-time solutions move forward
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Américo García
Director General of Mexico and Latin America
Américo García, Director General of Mexico and Latin America at Apotex, discusses new trends and challenges in the pharma industry.
 Laurel and Michael Evans on Unplash
Experts agree the health industry will play a key role in helping the country brave both its health and economic crises.
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Efrén Ocampo
Grupo Neolpharma
Grupo Neolpharma prepares to inaugurate a new injectables plant, while it studies the construction of a new facility for API production.
Nitrosamine, the Industry’s Silent Growing Concern
News Article
COVID-19 is not the only concern for the health industry. Learn about the potential threat nitrosamine poses to the pharma market.
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