Gabriel Zavala Commercial Executive Director at Farmacias del Ahorro
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Gabriel Zavala
Commercial Executive Director
Farmacias del Ahorro
Thanks to its wide reach, Farmacias de Ahorro has become the most affordable and complete option to treat diverse ailments.
FANASA: Certified Quality management systems
News Article
Costumer centricity is what allows companies to be ISO 9001:2015 certified. National distributor FANASA explains how it is done.
Agustin Azcatl Romero
Expert Contributor
Agustin Azcatl Romero
Patents Division Partner
Ortiz & Ramírez Abogados
IMPI provides a new dynamic for the pharma industry with the expectation that industrial property is used as a tool for growth and not as a barrier.
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Lourdes López
Executive Director
The National Association of Medicine Distributors (ANADIM)
Due to their quality and affordability, pharmacy-adjacent medical offices are primed to provide healthcare even in difficult situations.
Raman Wattamwar Senior Regional Head Latin America of MSN Group
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Raman Wattamwar
Senior Regional Head Latin America
MSN Group
Control over R&D, API and final production development allows MSN Group to offer quality and low-priced therapies.
Benjamín Vega Commercial Director of Allen Laboratorios
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Benjamín Vega
Commercial Director
Allen Laboratorios
Volume sales have determined Allen Laboratorios’ focus on affordable therapies that address common healthcare needs.
Arturo Manriquez Director General of DILAMEG
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Arturo Manriquez
Director General
The national generics industry has enjoyed double-digit growth during the COVID-19 crisis. DILAMEG Director General Arturo Manriquez explains why.
Medicine Supply Regulations Change Again
News Article
Foreign companies could face fewer barriers to introduce medicines to Mexico following President López Obrador’s most recent order.
Efrén Ocampo President of Grupo Neolpharma
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Efrén Ocampo
Grupo Neolpharma
Strategic investment has made Grupo Neolpharma an important partner for both the public and private sectors. Learn why.
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