COVID-19 Third Wave Overshadowed by Other Matters
Weekly Roundups
Medicine shortages, the Ministry’s migration and neglected health issues shared the spotlight this week with COVID-19.
Protests for Medicines Reach the IACHR
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Despite criticism, parents of children with cancer continue protesting the shortage ontological medicines with a complaint to the IACHR.
World Brain Day Focuses on Multiple Sclerosis Awareness, Care
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Multiple sclerosis affects millions of people in the world and tens of thousands in Mexico. Read more here.
Victor Saadia
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Victor Saadia
Founder and Director General
Alive Wellness Consulting
Cultural changes are necessary to bring about a healthier future, explains entrepreneur Victor Saadia
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Canadian Apotex, a pioneer in the Mexican generics market, celebrates 25 years of work in Latin America.
Spencer Davis on Unsplash
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The safe and efficient delivery of COVID-19 vaccines involves a complex, careful process at every step of the supply chain. Read more here.
Male Contraceptive to Bring More Birth Control Options
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Vasalgel seeks to offer contraceptive options to millions of men.
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Constanza Losada
President and Country Manager
Pfizer’s innovations help ensure global health. In the midst of a pandemic, the pharmaceutical company continues to demonstrate leadership.
Potential New Treatment for Heart Failure
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New treatment might reduce death and hospitalizations from heart failure, which affects over 60 million people.
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