Johnson & Johnson Joins Competitors on Phase 3 Covid-19 Vaccine
Weekly Roundups
As COVID-19 vaccine developments move forward, so does Mexico on finding access to such cure.
Gerd Altmann en Pixabay
Genomic testing is a reliable and accurate option for many conditions. However, its adoption still faces barriers.
An Official Recognition to The Current National Heroes
Weekly Roundups
On Independence Day, Mexico put the medical staff at the center of the celebrations.
Weekly Roundups
Vaccines, management and budgets deliver mixed news this week. Don’t miss the most important news of the industry!
Liliana Mora Director of Sioltalife
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Liliana Mora
A strategic partner for Mexican or foreign pharmacutical companies in the technical feed for strategic projects on establishing their business.
COVID-19 Vaccine: Too Good to Be True?
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AstraZeneca and Oxford University trials on the development of the COVID-19 vaccine had to be stopped due to a possible adverse reaction.
Vaccination Scenarios In Mexico
Mexico’s vaccination blues are undeniable. The country could still take advantage of lingering production opportunities to exploit this market.
Aesthetic medicine has not stopped evolving since its recent creation 40 years ago. Why is it important for health and the market?
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Arnaud Coelho
Director General
Merck Group México
Improving access to innovative medicine is a challenge. However, Merck has a specific approach to the issue.
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