Sonia Castellanos
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Sonia Castellanos
Geomarket Manager
Schlumberger Mexico and Central America
Schlumberger's Sonia Castellanos explains how the company is strengthening its data analytics to guarantee its clients effective, efficient…
Alonzo Autrey Managing Director of DVA Mexicana
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Alonzo Autrey
Managing Director
DVA Mexicana
Analyzing trends related to pharmaceutical molecules helps give DVA Mexicana the upper hand regarding market opportunities.
Sergio Filho CEO of INTRIALS
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Sergio Filho
Through regional expertise and knowledge, INTRIALS is focused on growing Latin America’s potential as a clinical trial hub.
Luis Gabriel García General Manager of DIBICO
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Luis Gabriel García
General Manager
Good manufacturing practices and flexibility allow SME DIBICO to strategically adapt to industrial market needs.
Raman Wattamwar Senior Regional Head Latin America of MSN Group
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Raman Wattamwar
Senior Regional Head Latin America
MSN Group
Control over R&D, API and final production development allows MSN Group to offer quality and low-priced therapies.
Rocío Bermudez  General Manager of Olarte y Akle Bacteriólogos
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Rocío Bermudez
General Manager
Olarte y Akle Bacteriólogos
Precision, warmth and personalization strengthen Olarte y Akle Bacteriólogos’ 1,500-clinical study offering, says General Manager Rocío Bermudez.
Exact Storage Control Systems to Prevent Product Loss
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Javier Calero
Vice President Commercial
GNK Logística
Logistic optimization and innovation have driven GNKL to become a partner for the government's medicine distribution during uncertainty in the…
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The new REF aims to boost regional investment and to benefit the oil industry.
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The Mexican Association of Online Sales released recommendations to improve Mexican logistics in the e-commerce industry.
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