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Francisco Cervantes, President of CONCAMIN, committed to become the liaison between CAMESCOM and the Ministry of International Trade.
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Grupo CPQ’s innovation area aims to enhance access to healthcare by supporting generics companies.
Tech adoption enables cost-saving solutions without compromising patient care. Read more about the subject here.
San José Chiapa, Puebla
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Puebla has just recovered 9,000 of the 45,000 jobs lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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The aerospace industry will not fully recover from the COVID-19 pandemic until 2024, according to FEMIA.
Los Arcos, Queretaro
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The automotive industry attracted US$1.6 billion in FDI and created over 21,000 jobs during the past six years.
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Optimizing last-mile delivery to reduce costs and increase customer engagement is possible through AI, explains SimpliRoute.
Light vehicle manufacturing
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Semiconductor chip shortage continues to affect the automotive industry in Mexico and the entire world.
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Erick Sabido
Commercial Manager
Sartorius Mexico
The German company offers solutions from R&D to commercial manufacturing and is helping in the production of COVID-19 vaccines.
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