Weekly Roundups
Miners with operations in Mexico are taking steps to minimize COVID-19 risks. Check out our weekly roundup!
Weekly Roundups
The crisis brought by COVID-19 is bound to generate a global economic recession. Check out our weekly roundup!
by Gabriela Mastache
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Graciela Álvarez
NRGI Broker
Graciela Álvarez, CEO of NRGI Broker, has played a key role in advocating for the best possible practices in the oil and gas sector.
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Fernando Enciso
Director Mexico
Grupo Surman
Grupo Surman's director shares his view towards the challenges dealerships are facing in the digital age.
Our work is based on two pillars: service for our insured base and cost control..
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Blanca Velázquez
Metropolitan Director
Quálitas is the largest auto insurance company in Mexico in terms of market share, with operations in El Salvador, Costa Rica, USA and Peru.
by Jan Hogewoning
Managing partners of CYF Logistics share their views on the impact of security issues on logistics and manufacturing results.
"The number of new discoveries highlights the need for exploration activities to capitalize on the available opportunities in the country,”
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Juan Pablo Murguía
Murguía is a Mexican insurance broker with over 20 years of experience. Its specialization includes surety bonds, insurance and risk administration
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Marcela Flores
Lockton México
Lockton México is a consultant focused on risk benefits, actuarial consulting, compensations, risk and insurance management, bonds and automobiles.
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