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Venture capital firm 500 Startups chose Mexican startups for its acceleration program. Read more here!
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Women Working
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Amplifica Capital aims to become the first venture capital fund to operate under a female-first model. What can this fund do for women?
Hernán Fernandez
Expert Contributor
Hernán Fernandez
Managing Partner
Angel Ventures
Venture Capital has always been considered a mostly financial activity. But is it, really?
Chloe Novene
Startup Contributor
Chloé Novène
Investment Associate
Since we published our latest research on this topic, many non-Latam international investors have entered the Latam fintech game.
Juan José Cervantes
Startup Contributor
Juan José Cervantes
Managing Partner
Trebol Capital
Juan José Cervantes of Trebol Capital walks readers through the fundamental lessons learned from investing in Mexico’s startup ecosystem.
Monterrey Skyline
Our interviewees attempt to answer this complex question.
Capital venture
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Until April 2020, there have been 31 venture capital agreement closed deals linked to Mexico, totaling US$303 million.
View from the Top
Lourens Verweij
Managing Partner & Industry Advisor
Additio Investment Group & LSH Access Foundation
Additio Investment Group addresses Mexican startups, their contribution to medical innovation and the company's role as an investor and advisor
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