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Weekly Roundups
Carolina Barreto, Program Manager Latin America for Climate Bonds Initiative, said greater proof was needed for green bond investors.
Green bonds
Mexico recently made a world first by issuing a UN goals-aligned green bond. But how do investors know where their money will go?
Manufacturing of automobiles
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Factors like the success of global vaccination programs could offer hope, said IMF.
electronic payments
Weekly Roundups
Even before December figures are known, 2020 is set to be the year with the highest remittances figures on record.
Credit cards
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Whether the recovery was due to Christmas or genuine consumer confidence remains unclear.
Bank front
Weekly Roundups
The controversial bill will be considered in the New Year, giving supporters and critics time to considering the proposal.
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Banks and financial authorities prepared the ground for more programs, although they will not be immediately needed.
Stock market
Weekly Roundups
Global markets reacted badly to the news of a new, more contagious virus variant identified in the UK.
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Indexes including the S&P/BMV IPC are experiencing losses driven by worries over new COVID-19 strain.
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