Enrique Suárez
Startup Contributor
Enrique Suárez
MountX Real Estate Capital
"https://www.linkedin.com/in/enrique-j-su%C3%A1rez-avil%C3%A9s-662361/ "
Financial inclusion is a means to an end, not the end in itself. Having a bank account is not enough. Knowledge is key.
Luis Silva de la Torre
View from the Top
Luis Silva de la Torre
Director General
FinTech Mexico
Luis Silva de la Torre explains how the association fosters industry collaboration and spurs growth in Mexico's burgeoning fintech sector.
News Article
The country’s GDP drop was heavy, though did not reach the double digit plunge many had feared.
Weekly Roundups
Several major banks were fined by COFECE of taking illegal price-rigging actions.
Piotr Godzinsky
Startup Contributor
Piotr Godzinski
Many stakeholders think financial inclusion means changing behavior or offering new forms of bank accounts. Well, it can’t be only this.
Bonds Stocks
Weekly Roundups
Mercado Libre pushes sustainability with successful placement of green bond options.
Man on money
Weekly Roundups
Carolina Barreto, Program Manager Latin America for Climate Bonds Initiative, said greater proof was needed for green bond investors.
Green bonds
Mexico recently made a world first by issuing a UN goals-aligned green bond. But how do investors know where their money will go?
Manufacturing of automobiles
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Factors like the success of global vaccination programs could offer hope, said IMF.
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