La Paz, Mexico
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Wärtsilä launches agile balancing technology, capable of ramping up to 10+MW per module in two minutes, to bridge Mexico to a renewable energy future
MER 2021
Natural gas is the fossil fuel of choice in Mexico but there is a growing need to address its shortcomings.
Back to the Future
Mexico Energy Forum 2021 concludes with an address from an important political actor involved in the sector’s most recent news.
 Preparing for the Future: Storage Solutions and Grid Stability
Storage and grid solutions can help Mexico’s struggling transmission and distribution system, but auxiliary services require adequate recognition.
The Vision of CNH regarding Mexico's Gas Sector Development
The second day of Mexico Energy Forum 2021 begins with an opening statement by Héctor Moreira, who shared his extensive natural gas expertise.
Alejandro Peon Peralta, Naturgy
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Alejandro Peón
General Director
Naturgy Mexico
Alejandro Péon explains Naturgy's strategy that allows Mexico to use natural gas to its developmental benefit.
Crisis Management Crucial for Company Survival
Jan Frowijn presents the intricacies of crisis management, which are also important for companies outside the pipeline sector.
Zurita, Francisco, Northland Power Energía
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Francisco Zurita
Director of Business Intelligence
Northland Power Energía
Zurita believes it is imperative for members of Mexico’s energy industry to take the needs of the country’s transmission infrastructure seriously.
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José García
AMGN's new president outlines the importance for investment and open dialog with the government for the development of Mexico's natural gas…
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