Michel Yehuda, Dominion
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Michel Yehuda
Industrial Business Unit Director
Michel Yehuda discusses the company’s technological expertise in various sectors, including support for CFE’s transmission and distribution.
Home Energy
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A growing list of technologies for DG use at home also increases the need to manage such systems.
News Article
CCE has offered to work with the authorities to strengthen the electricity system to prevent situations like the recent blackout.
César Alor, FIMER
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César Alor
Country Manager Mexico
César Alor explains FIMER’s innovations regarding string inverters and EV charging stations.
Victor Silva, Grupo Prosidsa
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Víctor Silva
Director General
Grupo ProSidsa
Víctor Silva explains the benefits of the company’s integral energy efficiency solutions.
Mónica Samudio, Circutor
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Mónica Samudio
Country Managing Director Mexico
Monica Samudio explains the company’s ad hoc engineering solutions that help companies meet normative standards and use energy efficiently.
Francisco Torres, Veolus
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Francisco Torres
Francisco Torres explains how Mexico’s companies can eat their cake and have it too by saving costs through environment-friendly energy efficiency. 
Jorge Visoso, GoodWe
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Jorge Visoso
Marketing Manager for Americas and MENA Region
Jorge Visoso explains how developing inverters for different business areas is the company’s key to success
Miguel Mayorga, GREENfluidics
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Miguel Mayorga
Miguel Mayorga outlines how the company works toward wellness by breaking paradigms in bio-technology.
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