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The company owes its good performance to new infrastructure and a focus on liquidity during a trying pandemic.
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Due to the rehabilitation of obsolete PEMEX infrastructure, the Mexican government will not spend money on this project.
Gerardo Serrato, Hartree
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Gerardo Serrato
Managing Director Mexico
Hartree Partners
Gerardo Serrato explains the firm’s international experience in commodity trading and how this could benefit Mexico’s Industry and commerce.
Francisco Guajardo
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Francisco Guajardo
Vice President
Francisco Guajardo discusses how his company has moved from focusing on pipelines to opening retail sites.
Alfredo Garcia Mondragón
Expert Contributor
Alfredo Garcia Mondragón
Executive Managing Director
SIE7E ENERGY⛬-12a80a5/
Mexico must think about the best way to supply energy to the country and its citizens. Alfredo Garcia explains how the government could do that
Andres Bayona, Promotora Energetica E3
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Andrés Bayona
Promotora Energética E3
Andres Bayona outlines the progress of CNG and NGV in Mexico.
Jose Maria Bermudez Aniq Dow
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José María Bermúdez
President, President & General Manager
ANIQ, Dow Mexico
"Mexico’s chemical industry is an economic engine and the essence of any number of value chains in other industries of a strategic nature"
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Dr. Mario Molina died on Wednesday. Read this week’s energy news here.
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With the final pieces in operation, large parts of Mexico can now access cheap natural gas from the US Permian Basin.
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