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Solar projects and government documents obtained by the Financial Times are at the core of the discussion. Read your roundup here!
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Curtailing wind energy is expensive and strains electrical grids. A solution to this issue is currently under trial.
Jorge Mediavilla, Ingeteam
View from the Top
Jorge Mediavilla
Director General Mexico
Ingeteam’s Jorge Mediavilla explains the company’s views on a complicated energy sector, where opportunity nonetheless still exists to work with CFE.
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Energy regulators experienced an eventful week armidst the resignation of CENACE’s Director and a meeting between regulators and the president.
Wind farm
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MORENA has presented an initiative to reverse the 2013 Energy Reform. Meanwhile, gas imports from the US are on the rise. Read your roundup here!
María José Treviño Melguizo
Expert Contributor
María José Treviño Melguizo
Country Manager
Acclaim Energy Services
The numbers don't lie, people in Mexico are increasingly interested in cleaner lifestyles and the use of renewable energy. But what are we doing?
Through the use of drone photogrammetry, SOWITEC obtains optimal results from aerial surveys that help plan renewable project developments.
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Environmental NGO Greenpeace achieved a suspension against PROSENER sector plan 2020-2024. Read this and more in your weekly energy roundup!
WInd Farm
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Italian green energy giant Enel Green Power has finalized the installation of wind turbines at its 274MW Dolores Wind Farm.
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