Weekly Roundups
Collaboration agreements, quarterly results and sustainability are among this week’s roundup topics
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Collaboration with the Mexican government, cross-border renewable energy, natural gas expansion and most importantly LNG exports are the main focus.
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Despite a reform challenging private renewable initiatives, Mexico’s mining companies are working to achieve their net zero ambitions.
Lopez Obrador
Weekly Roundups
A reform affecting energy regulators and the Dolores wind farm are among this week’s top stories.
Solar Panels
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Even though solar costs continue their historical race to the bottom, prices could be improved even further.
Renewable Energy
News Article
Uncertainty in the energy sector, hydroelectricity and LNG are among this week’s topics.
Ricardo Cardiel, Latin American Rainmakers
View from the Top
Ricardo Cardiel
CEO and General Manager
Latin American Rainmakers
Ricardo Cardiel explains how the company uses its broad experience to help clientsbenefit from the growth in distributed solar.
Weekly Roundups
US-Mexican trade tensions, gas imports and notable business deals in the energy area are among this week’s top stories.
LONGi Solar
LONGi’s modules are renowned for their performance, yield and sustainability. Read about it here!
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