Camilo Serrano, Atlas Renewable
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Camilo Serrano
General Manager Mexico
Atlas Renewable Energy
Camilo Serrano explains the company’s efforts to complete construction for the La Pimienta Solar project.
Using SOWITEC’s 2D numerical models, a flood footprint can be obtained, which is crucial to the safe functioning of wind projects.
Sean McCoy, Edison Energy
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Sean McCoy
Director of Energy Services Mexico
Edison Energy
Edison Energy’s executives explain how companies can get the best out of themselves by getting consulted on energy optimization and renewable supply.
Solar panels
Weekly Roundups
Fresnillo's renewable strategies, expected silver demand in 2021, and Sonoro's drilling program results, are among this week’s top stories…
Weekly Roundups
Texas, natural gas and a state-backed solar initiative are among the week’s top stories.
solar panel
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According to FONATUR, the project will receive financing through CFE and its subsidiaries.
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Álvaro García-Maltrás
President of Latin America and the Caribbean
Trina Solar
Trina Solar’s Álvaro García-Maltrás explains the company’s successes over 2020 and its plans to expand in 2021.
Pablo Rivero, ForeFront Power
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Pablo Rivero
Country Manager
ForeFront Power
Pablo Rivero explains the company’s strategy to become a major player in distributed generation.
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Bruno Riga, the new Director General, will be in charge of the green giant’s 3GW portfolio in the country.
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