Weekly Roundups
CFE’s solar plans, LNG developments and natural gas imports are among this week’s top stories.
Ken Tsutsumi, Panasonic
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Ken Tsutsumi
Board Member & Solutions Sales and Marketing
Ken Tsutsumi explains how Panasonic’s 40-plus years of experience allow it to add value in solar and storage solutions.
CFE, Manuel Bartlett
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CFE’s renewable plans are ramping up, with billions of investments outlined to its board of directors.
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The International Energy Agency provides COP26 members a guide to meet its Net-Zero commitment by 2050.
Weekly Roundups
Legal disputes, criticism from trade representatives and project development plans are among this week’s top stories.
Solar Panel
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Generac addressed the short and long-term benefits of its Distributed Generation solutions in its webinar.
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Several points to highlight from SENER’s new development plan.
Ricardo Zuñiga, Capwatt
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Ricardo Zúñiga
Country Manager
Capwatt Mexico
Capwatt’s Ricardo Zúñiga explains how the company helps clients to produce energy on site to yield them a competitive advantage.
Solar Rooftop
DG solutions for the C&I sector have become increasingly attractive over the years and appear to be ready for large-scale growth in Mexico.
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