Weekly Roundups
This week’s top stories include an increase in CFE prices for domestic consumers and commentaries on SENER’s energy policy by Rocío Nahle.
News Article
Domestic users will see higher energy bills in 2021 as a result of events that occurred earlier this year.
Jose Perez-Arenas, Qenergy
View from the Top
José Luis Pérez-Arenas
Managing Partner
Do not miss our interview with José Pérez-Arenas, Managing Partner of Qenergy, an independent and financially stable energy service provider.
MER 2021
Mexico’s private energy players face fresh hurdles from nationalization but the potential remains for companies staying the course.
Weekly Roundups
An issue with Mexico’s largest companies and a new wind farm contract are among this week’s top stories.
Back to the Future
Mexico Energy Forum 2021 concludes with an address from an important political actor involved in the sector’s most recent news.
MEF 2021 Day 1 1100 Financing Trends
Mexico Energy Forum 2021 continues with a panel that addresses the future of financial participation in Mexico’s energy opportunities.
Unlocking the electricity
The first day of Mexico Energy Forum 2021 continues with a panel detailing the enormous potential still left in Mexico’s wholesale electricity market.
Lilian Alves, Mitsui
View from the Top
Lilian Alves
Director of Strategic Planning
Mitsui Power Americas
Lilian Alves explains Mitsui's strategy as a key power producer and qualified supplier in the Mexican private energy market.
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