Diego Blumenkron, Northland Power Energía
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Diego Blumenkron
Director of Sales
Northland Power Energía
Diego Blumenkron explains Northland’s venture into the qualified supply market.
Yolanda Villegas, Eon Energy
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Yolanda Villegas
Head of Legal Affairs
Eon Energy
Yolanda Villegas explains Eon’s innovative tariffs for big energy users and outlines her views on Mexico’s energy transition.
Gustavo Ortega, Grupo Mexico
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Gustavo Ortega
Director General
Grupo México Energía
Gustavo Ortega outlines the iconic company’s efforts to supply itself with energy, as well as its approach to athe challenging pandemic environment.
News Article
The measure, meant to prevent flooding in the Grijalva river, has the potential to antagonize the private sector.
Gerardo Serrato, Hartree
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Gerardo Serrato
Managing Director Mexico
Hartree Partners
Gerardo Serrato explains the firm’s international experience in commodity trading and how this could benefit Mexico’s Industry and commerce.
Casiopea Ramirez, Fresh Energy Consulting
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Casiopea Ramírez
Fresh Energy Consulting
Casiopea Ramírez outlines her view of current issues in Mexico’s energy sector and explains the opportunities behind isolated supply projects.
Alejandro Blanco Moreno, TradeOn Energy
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Alejandro Blanco-Moreno
TradeOn Energy
TradeOn Energy's cofounder explains the company's efforts to add liquidity to Mexico's still budding electricity market.
Power Poles
News Article
CENACE has announced it will not simply interconnect renewable energy power plants to the electrical grid if they are located in Baja California Sur.
Angie Soto, Nexus Energía
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Angie Soto
Director General
Nexus Energía
Angie Soto outlines how Nexus Energía can use its vast international experience to the benefit of Mexico’s electricity market.
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