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Total is one of the leading IOCs divesting from fossil fuels and investing in renewables. What does this trend mean globally?
Casiopea Ramirez, Fresh Energy Consulting
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Casiopea Ramírez
Fresh Energy Consulting
Casiopea Ramírez outlines her view of current issues in Mexico’s energy sector and explains the opportunities behind isolated supply projects.
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The scientific arguments Dr. Molina made on Mexico’s issues regarding pollution will continue to be influential toward the future.
Iago Crespo, Genesal Energy
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Iago Crespo
Genesal Energy Mexico
Iago Crespo explains Genesal’s solutions to provide backup power generation, which will soon be available for rent.
Vicente Aparicio, Iberdrola
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Vicente Aparicio
Commercial Director Mexico
Spanish energy giant Iberdrola is the ideal partner to boost the competitiveness of Mexico’s automotive industry.
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CFE’s transmission projects for the 2020-2024 time period are planned to prevent interruptions in electricity supply and help meet growing demand.
Paulina Segovia, Savesolar
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Paulina Segovia
Commercial Manager
Paulina Segovia outlines the company’s recent success in the industrial sector.
Arturo Zarate, Dynapower
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Arturo Zarate
Global Business Development Energy Storage
Arturo Zarate outlines Dynapower’s value proposition to provide a wealth of benefits to Mexico’s power producers and industry via battery storage.
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López Obrador outlined his potential initiative to undo the Energy Reform if the government does not manage to save PEMEX and CFE.
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