High Voltage Electricity Cables
Weekly Roundups
CRE’s fine to Iberdrola and negotiations with US companies for energy investments are among this week’s top stories!
Meeting between Mexico's Cabinet and US Companies
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After multiple negotiation meetings with US Ambassador, president López Obrador still pushes for energy contract revisions.
High Voltage Electricity Cables
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The government aims to revoke self-supply power generation contracts to benefit CFE despite the move’s negative economic and environmental effects.
Aldrich Richter, Bergen Engines
View from the Top
Aldrich Richter
Managing Director Mexico
Bergen Engines
Bergen Engines’ Aldrich Richter explains the company’s value proposition for its mostly gas-fired engines, which can also run partly on hydrogen.
Hans Kohlsdorf, E2M
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Hans Kohlsdorf
Managing Partner
E2M’s Hans Kohlsdorf outlines the existing issues between the public and private sectors and stresses that there is the will to work them out.
Increasing the value of solar projects seems difficult in uncertain circumstances but several steps can be taken.
Camara de Diputados
Much is at stake with the government’s proposed reform to the energy sector. A compromise would benefit both the public and private sectors.
Wastewater Treatment Plant
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Mitsui launches a new business line to deliver water, power and energy infrastructure solutions in the Mexican market.
MEF 2022
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Available electricity sector data can cut through the fog of political discussions and show where the country is headed on its current path.
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