MER 2021
As savings and sustainability grow in importance, large energy users have an opportunity to shape the future.
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President López Obrador said that he wants to investigate why companies pay less for electricity than private citizens to open a dialogue.
Edison Energy
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Edison Energy enables decision-makers to deliver on their strategic, financial and sustainability goals.
Sean McCoy, Edison Energy
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Sean McCoy
Director of Energy Services Mexico
Edison Energy
Edison Energy’s executives explain how companies can get the best out of themselves by getting consulted on energy optimization and renewable supply.
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CIRCUTOR’s AFQm Multilevel Filters help reduce OPEX and fulfill the strict requirements of Mexico’s Electrical System Grid Code (Código de Red).
Gerardo Serrato, Hartree
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Gerardo Serrato
Managing Director Mexico
Hartree Partners
Gerardo Serrato explains the firm’s international experience in commodity trading and how this could benefit Mexico’s Industry and commerce.
Casiopea Ramirez, Fresh Energy Consulting
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Casiopea Ramírez
Fresh Energy Consulting
Casiopea Ramírez outlines her view of current issues in Mexico’s energy sector and explains the opportunities behind isolated supply projects.
Andres Bayona, Promotora Energetica E3
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Andrés Bayona
Promotora Energética E3
Andres Bayona outlines the progress of CNG and NGV in Mexico.
Alejandro Blanco Moreno, TradeOn Energy
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Alejandro Blanco-Moreno
TradeOn Energy
TradeOn Energy's cofounder explains the company's efforts to add liquidity to Mexico's still budding electricity market.
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