Fernando Salinas, FRV
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Fernando Salinas
Managing Director Mexico and Central America
Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV)
FRV’s Fernando Salinas explains the company’s development strategy, which led to the successful opening of Potosi Solar.
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The fieldwork for anthropological studies is crucial to a good social impact assessment and to an energy project’s overall success.
Weekly Roundups
CRE gives the green light for several important electricity projects in a year where the issuance of permits has been virtually non-existent.
Carla Ortiz, RER Energy Group
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Carla Ortiz
Development Director
RER Energy Group Mexico
Carla Ortiz outlines the company’s strategies to expand in the growing C&I solar segment.
In this analysis, MBN's experts highlight what trends are arising in the area of renewable project financing as a result of a tumultuous 2020.
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By investing MX$62.754 billion (US$3.15 billion), CFE aims to install 4,347MW of combined cycle and aeroderivative capacity.
Alejandro Cobos, Notus Energía
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Alejandro Cobos
Notus Energía Mexico
Alejandro Cobos explains the company’s dynamic development strategy, incorporating wind and solar in both utility scale and distributed generation.
Carlos Egido, Northland Power
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Carlos Egido
Country Manager
Northland Power
Northland Power’s Carlos Egido discusses the developer, builder and operator’s commitment to Mexico, with the La Lucha project leading the way.
Jacobo Mekler, COMEXHIDRO
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Jacobo Mekler Weisburd
Jacobo Mekler outlines the development and power-producing company’s challenges in adapting to the current energy environment.
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