Weekly Roundups
Support for CFE, new natural gas projects and Queretaro’s energy agency are among the week’s top stories!
Albeiro Guayara, OCA Global
View from the Top
Albeiro Guayara
Country Manager Mexico
OCA Global
Albeiro Guayara and Rafael Sanchez outline how OCA Global’s experience in independent inspection and consultation is an asset to energy companies.
Grupo IGSA
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Adolfo Borja
Director of Energy and Cogeneration
IGSA’s Adolfo Borja discusses cogeneration technology and how the company is securing its presence in Mexico and Latin America.
Geoter Renewables, Enrique Papadimitriou
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Enrique Papadimitriou
Technical and Sales Representative
GEOTER Renovables de Mexico
Enrique Papadimitriou says GEOTER continues to see opportunity in the niches it identified before, although the pandemic has slowed growth.
Public-Private Collaboration to Set Social Impact Standards
Positive social impact is a cornerstone of the energy transition, but regulation can be unclear and therefore needs to be supported strongly.
Weighed down by uncertainty, private project development is slowing down but developers are not sitting still.
News Article
Baja California’s governor said he has governmental support for a landmark solar project, but journalists question its tender’s legality.
Israel Hurtado, AMH
View from the Top
Israel Hurtado
The Mexican Hydrogen Association
Israel Hurtado, President of the nascent Mexican Hydrogen Association, discusses the developments of the industry in Mexico and his expectations.
News Article
True sustainability begins with sustainable energy. As such, energy projects need to be constructed justly.
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