Fire Service Plus (FSP) Enforcer 10

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 14:44

.In every plant, quality and productivity are important but safety comes first. FSP has developed numerous solutions to combat fires before they can do much damage to a clients’ assets. Among its innovative solutions is the Enforcer 10, a fixed system with 10 gallons of fire-fighting foam solution, propelled by nitrogen or compressed air.

Once fired, the Enforcer 10 can generate up to 200 gallons of foam that can be applied vertically and horizontally, creating a barrier between the fire and the atmosphere. The Enforcer 10 can fire up to 14m away, ensuring the operators’ safety. The equipment is 56 cm high, 66 cm long and 56 cm wide with a weight of 43kg, plus 36kg once filled. This means it can be installed easily and

includes a 23m hose that allows the user to move freely in any direction. FSP made sure the Enforcer 10 was easy to transport and to adapt to different mobile applications. The system can be integrated to all-terrain vehicles, trucks, trailers and rescue vehicles. This allows the operator access to all affected areas without compromising the fire- fighting equipment’s functionality.

Just like all other FSP solutions, the Enforcer 10’s foam is biodegradable. It does not have an expiration date and is neither toxic nor corrosive. These are particularly important features, as the foam could come in contact with high-precision manufacturing equipment that must be protected despite an incident.