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HYVA, Global Footprint to Build Long-Lasting Partnerships

By Alejandro Enríquez | Fri, 06/05/2020 - 18:38

Q: How is HYVA positioned in Mexico?  

A: We are market leaders in Europe, South America and Asia. Our priority is not to be just another player but to get into the market as global leaders. We are divided in four business segments: hydraulic systems for dump trucks and trailers, a broad offer of articulated cranes, hook lifts for container handling and waste management. Except for waste management, we are fully operating in Mexico with our entire portfolio. 

Q: What strategic partnerships has HYVA entered in Mexico?

A: Our first priority is to be close to heavy vehicle OEMs. Fortunately, we have strong relationships with big market players, mostly European brands such as Daimler Group and Volvo Group. This gives us leverage to enter with their North American subsidiaries, such as Freightliner, Mack and International.   

Q: What game-changing innovations do you see in the heavy vehicle market? 

A: As in the light vehicle industry, autonomous driving will be the new normal within 10 to 15 years. These developments are already here as Volvo and Scania are testing driverless trucks. As for HYVA, we offer hydraulic systems for the European market that are lighter and more compact, contrary to what we see in the North American region, where bigger and heavier is best. The trend is to become more efficient, lighter and faster in operations and performance. The industry should not look to the US only, they should look at global trends to compare different solutions. 

Q: How is HYVA embracing global trends? 

A: We are digitalizing our products. Digital platforms account for 40 percent of our engineering investment as we aim to integrate different products across digital platforms. These developments are made in Europe and then we do a down-streaming for other markets based on local demand. In Mexico, some of these innovations are taking more time to arrive given local competition. We first need to grow our market share so we can introduce new solutions, namely integration systems and digitalization efforts. 

Q: Apart from labor costs, what elements strengthen HYVA’s competitiveness? 

A: We implement a global vision when looking at our business. When we look for suppliers, we do not focus on local needs but market demand. We look for partners that can make us competitive. 

Q: What is the key to HYVA’s success in the Mexican market?

A: A key for us has been our customer service. Once doors are open and clients are willing to test our products, there is no turning back; they remain with us. The key for our success in the country has been our commercial approach. Our sales team is very well-prepared and has the technical knowledge to support our clients from project definition to installation. 

Q: What are HYVA’s plans for Mexico in the short-term? 

A: We have been very successful with hydraulic systems for dump trucks. We still have space to grow in this area but we already are establishing ourselves as market leaders. Our challenge is to maintain the market share we have gained, mostly focusing on customer relationships. There is a strong opportunity for equipment such as cranes, hook lifts and waste management and we will focus our efforts in these segments in the coming years. 

Q: What must local suppliers do to achieve a global footprint? 

A: Companies need to be open to trends and market innovations. The influence of the US in the Mexican industry is really strong, which creates doubts about European or Asian trends. Latin American companies need to be open to these innovating markets and the trends that can improve the Mexican market considerably. 


HYVA de Mexico, established in 2008, is part of HYVA Global, which is one of the world's leading providers of transport solutions, environmental service industries and front-end tipping cylinders for heavy-duty trucks

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