Quality Support from a Homegrown Team

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 11:39

Mexico’s proximity to the US, its logistics infrastructure and skilled workforce make it ideal for global companies looking to establish manufacturing outposts. But the country is still in need of local support services, especially for machinery reconstruction, equipment updating and spindle refurbishment of high-end technology and precision machinery. SIMSA de México helps fill that need.

SIMSA’s mission is to offer quality support services with an entirely home-grown team. Its services include maintenance and complete upgrades of existing equipment. Established 24 years ago, the Mexican company now has 18 production sites in 12 states, and a manufacturing plant renowned for its quality and productivity. Filling another hole in the market, the company is adding spindle refurbishment to its catalogue. The procedure is usually performed abroad because of its unavailability in Mexico so it is expected to be widely popular as it will save the cost of sending pieces outside for repair.

SIMSA represents several high-end brands, including Landis, Giustina, Cincinnati and Bryant in the grinding machinery segment. It also has a working relationship with Liebherr, NTC - Komatsu, Gehring, Etxe-Tar and IMPCO.

As foreign entities continue pouring into Mexico, SIMSA is a local option for reconstruction, refurbishment and auxiliary equipment. It is also a pioneer, having introduced these services to the country, which it says would have never happened without the contribution of the skilled engineers and technicians here.