Juan Carlos Elizondo
View from the Top

Scanning Global Tooling Market to Bring Best Options to Mexico

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 12:43

Q: How does Globextools stand out in the Mexican market where domestic suppliers have not always had the capacity or knowhow to serve OEMs or Tier 1 companies?

A: Our market analysis has proved to us that while the Mexican automotive industry is expanding, it is underserved by the existing supplier base currently operating within the country. Too often, the industry is compelled to find supply solutions outside of Mexico. Globextools is working to constantly find solutions to this challenge by servicing the industry from within Mexico. If the item in question is not yet available in Mexico, then we source or develop it for our clients so that they have the convenience and speed of working within the country. Many of the parts we supply to the automotive sector can affect the safety of a worker or end user. We take the responsibility of safety and quality assurance extremely seriously as no profit is worth a human life. Naturally, specific requirements and policies vary from customer to customer and from industry to industry but our cross-sectorial presence sees us take the best practices from each and apply them across all our operations.

Q: How do you intend to address the implementation of the right quality assurance methods and techniques to avoid product interruptions?

A: We view this challenge as one of the larger opportunities for us to succeed in separating ourselves from our competition. We are willing to invest in any quality assurance system our policy required by our clients. This investment makes us a stronger provider. Our company adapts to the quality standards of each of our clients and if they have not yet developed their own standard on any given part, they can be assured that we are providing the highest quality possible. 70% of our current customer base was developed from a single part that a competitor failed to provide to these customers either on time, at a competitive price, or at a specific quality needed. This has shown the value of providing solutions for our customers when our competition could not.

Q: How does Globextools shape its product portfolio to stand out from your competitor’s offerings?

A: We offer too many products and brands to list. More importantly, what makes us different from our competitors is that we are not married to one particular brand or product. We are constantly researching and studying all the options available in the global tooling marketplace to make sure we are presenting the highest quality and value possible to our clients. We are constantly adding new products and replacing older technologies with newer efficiencies as they become available. There are always challenges in balancing quality and cost benefits and ultimately it is our job to give our customers a variety of options so they can make their own well-informed decision. We achieve this with product tests for proper evaluation so that our customers can have confidence in their final decision.

Q: Should measures be taken to reduce imports in areas such as tooling for industrial use to increase the competitiveness of Mexico’s automotive industry?

A: We believe in the free global market. Mexico is one of the best examples in the world of an emerging global powerhouse providing manufacturing of quality and value. In our opinion, reducing imports with protectionist policies only creates a weaker and less competitive supplier network over the long-term. Reducing imports only postpones the inevitable and that is that a country has to compete on a global scale. Most of our customers are manufacturing in Mexico, therefore their supplier base should also be manufacturing as much domestically as possible. Our company is also competing globally by offering the best value whether that is through manufacturing a part in Mexico or importing it. We believe this flexibility makes Globextools a more efficient supplier for our customers, which ultimately makes them more competitive in the global market. We are all related and our customers are only as competitive as their suppliers and suppliers are only as successful as their customers.

Q: What is your outlook for the development of Globextools and the wider tooling segment in Mexico?

A: We will only grow at a pace that will allow us to maintain our extremely high levels of customer service and quality assurance. We are looking to increase our sales by 40% over the coming year. Few question the fact that Mexico is on track to be among the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world over the next 35 years.