Eduardo Alba
District Manager
View from the Top

Single Platform Ensures Clear Shipping Strategy

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 11:43

Q: How do you capitalize on your global network to benefit clients?

A: We have different offerings for all industries but our core solutions include our single platform and business solutions department. We have a single system for all different branches. When customers do business with us, they work with one single system no matter where they are in the world. The platform is electronically integrated, which allows us to have a wide variety of different measurement tools for customers. Our single platform is reliable and gives real-time information for tracking from all branches that have access.

Q: What specific solutions have you created for the automotive manufacturing industry?

A: Our business solutions department integrates end-toend solutions for automotive customers. Although airfreight is our strongest sector, we consider ourselves to be logistics integrators. The more our business solutions department can integrate different areas for our customers, the stronger our solutions will be. We manage a lot of airfreight for the automotive industry and we have new technological tools to help them with reliable tracking. We are working closely with the automotive industry because airfreight services will always be required. They must react quickly to changes and orders to keep production going.

The shipping methods that clients prefer depend on their budgets and the industry’s needs. Automotive has production constraints so companies need to move products quickly. All these industries need a fast airfreight service. Trucking is another option for industries that do not have these constrictions, assuming they ship to the US and Central America.

Q: What are the main challenges you face in Mexican industry?

A: Infrastructure problems are the main challenge, especially for airfreight, which has been developing at pace with the country’s growth. The limitation of direct international flights from most Mexican cities results in expensive and time-consuming cargo changes. Old infrastructure, such as the Mexico City airport with its limited customs holding areas, also make it more difficult for companies that manage airfreight.

Q: What are the main competitive advantages you offer to clients?

A: Our main advantage is our organic growth involving our systems and staff. The fact that we have not sold, bought or merged with other companies has allowed us to have a single platform. This also ensures a clear strategy for human resources. We hire mainly from Mexican schools and almost never from the competition. The company offers an internship program, in-house training that motivates our employees, and a very low turnover rate. Our staffing stability creates stability within the company, which is as important as client retention for a company to prosper.

Our market penetration in Mexico is similar to our market share in the rest of the world. We are growing because we can offer integrated solutions to customers and promise excellent customer service. Expeditors is a company that grows organically, based on opportunities and a strong sales presence that relies on expert knowledge and experience. We have excellent relationships with all the trucking companies, airlines and warehouses. We also develop solid partnerships with other companies not related to airfreight. One of the reasons for opening the office in Queretaro was to create a closer relationship with these businesses.

Q: What are your expectations for 2017?

A: We have very high expectations. Our customers’ growth has not slowed and this is encouraging for our business. Our own growth in the past five to six years has been rapid, and there are still some industries and markets we want to penetrate. We expect 2017 to be a big year for Expeditors in Queretaro and we hope to gain more business in the Bajio region.