Smarter Vehicles Through Better User Experience
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Smarter Vehicles Through Better User Experience

Photo by:   Pixabay, PhotoMIX-Company
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Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 05/04/2022 - 11:22

OEMs are investing in customer experience to offer more efficient vehicles. Ford launched its new Ford F-150 Lightning truck that provides a unique experience through an intelligent range that predicts weather, traffic and payload, among other potential issues. Meanwhile, Daimler’s subsidiary Freightliner presented the DriverCOACH tool, a driving assistant that fosters best practices behind the wheel. Other automakers are focusing on improving EV performance, with General Motors (GM) announcing that its Ultium Platform increases vehicle range by 10 percent.


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Ford Launches All-Electric F-Series Truck


The announcement of the new Ford F-150 Lightning truck was met with an unprecedented demand, with over 200,000 reservations prior to its launching. The truck is a “10-kilowatt smart power plant on wheels” that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in four seconds. Its technology offers an entirely new customer experience that transforms the relationship of the vehicle with drivers. “The team has done a phenomenal job ensuring we are offering customers unique features only made possible by the electric power unit. But it is the drive experience that will blow people’s minds. It is simply effortless,” said Linda Zhang, Chief Program Engineer, F-150. Learn more about the Ford F-150 Lightning truck here.


The Future of Mobility Needs to Prioritize Personal Freedom


New generations no longer dream about having their own car. For them, purchasing a car jeopardizes their freedom to go anywhere, anytime. “Within Mexico, there is a similar need for freedom but there is also a segment we call “car hesitant:” 25- to 35-year-olds who are out of universities and earning enough to buy their first car but do not want the commitment, hassle or risk,” said Sampo Hietanen, Founder and CEO, MaaS Global and Whim, to MBN.


GM’s Ultium Platform Increases Vehicle Range by 10 Percent


GM’s recently introduced Ultium Platform, used to power electric vehicles, recovers and stores the waste heat originated from the power electronics, propulsion components and batteries. This feature increases charging speed, reduces the energy needed for heating, increases range by 10 percent and enables sportier driving. The platform has boosted alliances of the OEM with other players such as Glencore, which will provide GM with cobalt for the battery cathodes. Electrification strategies are part of GM’s efforts to progress towards a greener future. To accelerate this process, the automaker invited suppliers to sign the Environmental, Social and Governance Partnership Pledge to achieve carbon neutrality, among other social and governance goals. Learn more about GM sustainability efforts here.


Fuel Stations Ready to Tackle Challenges


Despite the pandemic, the fuel sector had a positive performance in 2021. ONEXPO, the largest Mexican association of fuel companies, reports a recovery in volume and prices during the year. However, regulatory matters are affecting the industry and slowing down some economic activities. Learn more about this topic from MBN’s interview with Roberto Díaz de León, ONEXPO’s National President.


Mexico’s Automotive Sector to Benefit from Additive Manufacturing


Mexico can benefit from additive manufacturing for printing surrogate parts. “By 3D printing surrogate parts, factories do not have to wait for parts to be delivered before starting the prototyping process, shortening production time and cost,” said Fadi Abro, Director of Automotive Business, Stratasys, to MBN. Learn more about the adoption of additive manufacturing by the automotive manufacturing industry here.


 Freightliner Introduces New Safety Solution DriverCOACH


Daimler’s subsidiary Freightliner presented DriverCOACH, a driving assistant that fosters best practices behind the wheel. The new tool will become available in the Mexican market in 2023 models, which will start production in 2H2022. “Safety is a priority for us. This technological solution developed in collaboration with Detroit Assurance, Active Lane Assist and Enlace Freightliner, will help our customers’ businesses to be more profitable, while taking care of operators’ safety,” said Marcela Barreiro, President and CEO, Daimler Trucks México. Learn more about this accompaniment solution for truck drivers here.


Photo by:   Pixabay, PhotoMIX-Company

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