Kerry Looks for Mexican Collaboration on Clean Energy
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Kerry Looks for Mexican Collaboration on Clean Energy

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Cas Biekmann By Cas Biekmann | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/09/2022 - 13:58

This week, US Envoy John Kerry voiced his desire to cooperate with Mexico on clean energy amid the latter country’s ongoing efforts to reform the energy sector. In other news, CRE investigates Iberdrola for unlawful energy sales, Sempra completes stage two of its US-focused Mexican wind farm and MPC Energy purchases a solar project.

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Kerry Looks for Mexican Collaboration on Clean Energy

US Special Climate Envoy, John Kerry, said this week that the US aims to collaborate with Mexico to promote renewable energy in North America. The country could provide Mexico with financing and technology. Kerry will meet with Mexico’s Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, later today, amid efforts from the Mexican government to reform the energy sector to boost state control.


Mexico Investigates Iberdrola for Illicit Energy Sales

Energy regulator CRE has opened a proceeding against leading private power producer Iberdrola for allegedly selling energy at a power plant with a self-supply permit, according to Público, which has seen the documents. Though legacy self-supply permits are allowed to have partners, selling capacity or electricity to profit is prohibited. Mexico’s government alleges this illegal activity is widespread, whereas self-supply companies argue their practices follow the law.


Sempra’s US-Mexican Wind Farm Begins Operations

Sempra Infrastructure has started operations at its 108MW second phase of Energía Sierra Juarez (ESJ) in Tecate, Baja California. The wind farm already has 155MW of capacity in operation and will use its full 263MW to sell electricity to the state of California.


MPC Energy Acquires 15.8MW Solar Park

Netherlands-based MPC Energy Solutions has purchased a 15.8MW solar park in Chihuahua. It bought the Santos Solar I project from developer Buenavista Renewables for an undisclosed figure.


Two 2 out of 12 Bids Approved for Central Market Solar Plant

CFE received 12 technical proposals for the construction of a solar plant for the roofs of 22 warehouses belonging to Mexico City’s Central Market. However, only 2 proposals were solvent enough and will be considered for a final decision. According to Forbes Mexico, these two companies are Fortius Electromecanica and Negocios Renovables Inteligentes.


5 Qualified Suppliers Win Quality Award

Based on a proprietary formula called the Quality Supplier Index (QSI), along with feedback from customers and industry participants, 30 suppliers were evaluated in 2021 from which five companies were chosen to receive the “Acclaim Energy Supplier Quality Award.” This year Ammper, Bid Energy, Engie, Mitsui, and Nexus Energía were selected as the most outstanding qualified suppliers of the year.



CEMEX Innovates Solar Energy Generation for Cement Production

In cooperation with Synhelion, CEMEX achieved a breakthrough in the production of cement using solar energy. The companies produced the world’s first clinker with solar-based electricity, an essential component of cement. The innovation could displace fossil fuels which are normally used to generate the heat of almost 1,500C necessary to produce such clinkers.

Photo by:   Wikipedia Commons

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