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Shifting from Critical to Mainstream Maintenance Practices

Mon, 02/25/2019 - 16:06

Q: What makes Rengen Energy Solutions different as an EPC company?
A: Rengen Energy Solutions is Mexico’s go-to one-stop energy shop. We did not begin as a construction company, a common feature of Mexico’s energy EPC companies. Rengen Energy Solutions was created as an engineering firm for the oil and gas and energy industries. As our business portfolio grew, we developed a representation business line for international companies that manufactured products and components like turbines, pumps, compressors or heat exchangers. Further down the line, we acquired the necessary expertise to manufacture our own equipment to cater to our clients’ specific needs. There was an increasing demand for integrated services, including equipment purchasing, installation, training and O&M. This is how we reached our full EPC status.
Q: What power generation project best showcases this added value?
A: We are in the process of concluding a major generation project with 280MW of installed capacity in Mexico City. It was highly challenging as the power plant was quite old, inefficient and polluting, both in terms of noise and emissions. We undertook the delivery of a plant that not only surpasses all environmental requirements, whether national or international, but will also operate at optimal efficiency levels. Another flagship project consists of a series of Pratt & Whitney’s PWPS plants, installed in CFE’s system as peaking power plants to regulate loads during high-demand intervals. They can reach their maximum load levels in four seconds, once turned on, are mobile and can operate 24/7.
Q: How are natural gas-based power generation technologies combating battery-based storage solutions?
A: Natural gas remains one of the most efficient and less polluting fuels available. It cannot be so easily discarded. We still see a long way to go before battery-based solutions are proven to be environmentally friendly. The future is headed that way for sure, unlocking energy self-sufficiency possibilities, but the country’s electricity system still depends on the established spinning reserve that renewable energy intermittency fails to provide. This is not an issue with natural gas’ stable baseload.

Q: How is Rengen Energy Solutions tackling the financing conundrum in large-scale power generation projects?
A: The company has developed in-house financial talent and sturdy business relationships with Mexico’s financial markets to be able to structure financial proposals based on our clients’ requirements, which are highly variable. We have explored everything from payment in kind to joint-ventures. Payments in kind have shown the greatest window of opportunity, whether for PEMEX’s liquid products or CFE’s power.

Q: What new technologies or products are in the process of being added to Rengen Energy Solutions’ portfolio?
A: The oil and gas and energy industries are highly dynamic. To maintain their market foothold, big players in both industries have relied heavily on innovation regarding their products and services.
As representatives of major brands from both worlds, we are always on the lookout for the next step, the next product, the next option. We are engaged in constant feedback processes with the brands we represent, based on market needs, including less water usage, fewer maintenance requirements and prolonged useful life.

Q: What new alliances is Rengen Energy Solutions looking to close?
A: For the downstream sector, we are looking to close alliances with companies we have identified through our AMIPE membership. With 3,200 member companies, the majority of which are Mexican, AMIPE includes value adding capacity companies that focus on a wide range of products, equipment and services for the Energy and Oil & Gas industry. For us, it all comes down to anticipating and catering to market needs and closing strategic alliances accordingly.