Unveiling the Intewa Water System

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 10:57

Mexicans spent up to US$7.8 billion on bottled water in 2014, due to a combination of factors that makes the naturally occurring resource largely unpotable or unavailable in the country. In response, CANROMEX has put German technology to the test in an attempt to capitalize on this gap in the market and provide a more sustainable way to bring clean drinking water to the complex terrain of Mexico. The Intewa water purifying system is designed to treat gray and rainwater, converting it into pure and potable water through its integration of a simple and self-cleaning filtering device called the Purain. This acts as a pre-treatment to eliminate solids from the source water, and subsequently a “bundled UF” membrane station named the Aqualoop purifies the water by removing any particulate left in the water, as well as bacteria, virus, and any contaminant that enters the flow. The Aqualoop membrane station is modular and each station has the capacity to operate between one and six membranes, with each membrane able to treat between 1,600-1,800l/d. Several stations can be installed in conjunction, meaning that the system’s capacity is unlimited. The technology can alternatively be used for very small volume of 1,000l/d up to 50,000l/d or more. Not only can the Purain filter be used for treating potable water, but also for cleaning water for non-drinking purposes, for applications such as lawn watering, washing, and toilets.Among the plethora of benefits offered by the Intewa system are its adaptability, sustainability, and low cost, with a return on investment normally generated within less than six months. Moreover, the need to purchase bottled water is eliminated, meaning mitigation of the risk associated with refill bottles as well as pollution caused by inadequate disposal of plastic bottles. All this means that this product could constitute a realistic and sustainable option to combat several severe environmental issues within Mexico.