Women Occupy 15% of CFE’s Managing Positions
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Women Occupy 15% of CFE’s Managing Positions

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Perla Velasco By Perla Velasco | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 03/13/2023 - 12:13

Manuel Bartlett, Managing Director, CFE, discussed inclusivity in the state electric utility on International Women’s Day. Bartlett said all the company’s subsidiaries and affiliates should deploy efforts to create gender equality in CFE.

Nimbe Durán Téllez, Head, the Gender and Inclusion Unit (UGI), said the percentage of women in management positions in CFE increased from 6% to 13% over the past few years. In 2023, this number reached 15%. However, Durán admitted that this shift is not happening as fast as it should.

The motive for the conference was to highlight the company’s role in inspiring girls and young women to foray in the industry and see CFE as an option for their profession, as well as to discuss actions to promote gender equality. “CFE is the most important and largest company in the country, one that promotes development. There is nothing without electricity and we want it to be an example not only numerically but also in terms of quality, to demonstrate that it has trained and professional women in the company,” said Bartlett.

Durán also underlined CFE’s responsibility to incorporate newer generations and become more diverse. “Women in Mexico are being trained in the areas of engineering, science and technology. For this reason, CFE sows a seed of hope for young women who see electricity as the element that moves and motivates them, making them choose a career that inspires them to improve this world. CFE is committed so that girls and young people, who for a long time were considered to be unable to access careers considered to be ‘for men,’ can consider this company as a potential career option," she added.

Brenda Rosas Medellín, Gender Equality Link, CFE Generación VI, shared that the subsidiary has carried out efforts to include more women in the workforce, including a collaboration agreement with the University of Veracruz to let more women intern at CFE, after which the company can offer job positions.

The conference included different women from CFE that also participated and shared their experiences and objectives for women’s inclusion. Emilia Calleja Alor, Supervisor Regional, CFE Generación I, shared her experience working in CFE and talked about the technical challenges she faced in the industry.

Carmen Serdán Banda, Managing Director, CFE Capital, said it is paramount to keep implementing inclusion policies and strengthening the UGI. Serdán added that 66% of managing positions in CFE Capital were occupied by women.

Photo by:   seventyfourimages

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