The Importance of Being Blue and Not Yellow

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 16:44

Dräger’s BiliLux Phototherapy Lamp is a new phototherapy system for the effective treatment of jaundice. Jaundice is a common phenomenon in premature babies and newborns who have a high level of bilirubin in the blood, causing a yellowing of their skin and increasing the risk of brain damage

Dräger’s commitment to the management of jaundice in neonatal care is reflected in the launch of its BiliLux Phototherapy Lamp. This equipment manages a spectral wavelength of 460-490nm and an irradiation of 30 to 85μW/ cm2/nm that allows bilirubin to be converted into a soluble substance that is easily evacuated by the patient’s body, avoiding any subsequent risk to the newborn.

BiliLux also can handle different radiation angles and can distribute blue light throughout the baby’s entire body, which makes the phototherapy even more efficient. It has 20 blue lights that allow the administration of the therapy and two white lights for observation and to soften the blue light. Also, BiliLux has a radiometer that allows the user to constantly measure the intensity of the radiation and be completely sure that the baby’s skin is being treated properly

The lamp is designed to perfectly integrate with the neonatal workplace, since it can be placed in the incubator’s canopy, in heat-therapy equipment, roof-supply routes or used with a car. The phototherapy lamp is compatible with clinical and hospital processes because it can be used to generate electronic documentation that provides information about the patient, treatments and quality control.

In addition to the technology, BiliLux is designed with soft surfaces to facilitate cleaning and unlike other phototherapy equipment, it does not incorporate any ventilation inlet, which helps to prevent infection.

The BiliLux LED-based phototherapy system provides superior quality with its customized treatments, electronic features and flexibility. It is revolutionizing the management of bilirubin by combining the three most important factors in phototherapy: spectrum with effective wavelength, high-radiation intensity and total coverage of the patient’s body.