Construction Technology Sector Shows Resilience
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Construction Technology Sector Shows Resilience

Photo by:   Simone Hutsch
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/08/2023 - 15:15

Mexico’s largest cement and concrete company CEMEX announced higher investment in construction technology, especially in the US and European markets. Furthermore, Grupo Carso’s subsidiary CICSA reported earnings after bearing costs from the reconstruction of Mexico City’s Metro Line 12.


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Investment in Construction Tech Hit US$5.38 Billion in 2022

Investment in the construction technology (ConTech) industry hit US$5.38 billion in 2022, a 1% drop from the US$5.4 billion seen in 2021, reports CEMEX. The industry showed a resilient performance in comparison to other sectors and venture capital in general. 


Energy Policy and Industrial Nearshoring

Roberto Ballinez, Executive Finance and Infrastructure Director, HR Ratings explains how nearshoring, accompanied by proper energy-related infrastructure projects can result in economic growth for Mexico’s north and southeast, the regions with the most potential in Mexico for this trend. 


CICSA Reports Profits in 4Q22 After Bearing Line 12 Costs

The construction branch of Grupo Carso, CICSA, reported profits during 4Q22 despite the costs that the collapse of Mexico City Metro’s Line 12 entailed. The company took over the repairs of the collapsed line as it was the developer of the section that fell apart. 


Adaptable Building Solutions the Answer to Change


Salvador Rivas, Director General, S*ARC, said it is important for developers to be creative and innovative when designing a building. The construction industry could learn from the automotive and aerospace industry, which have changed so much in a few years. He mentioned S*ARC’s experience in designing adaptable buildings that serve different purposes over their life span. 

SRE Presents Sustainable Transition Roadmap to Automotive Sector

Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and the University of California via its Alianza Mx presented the "Diagnosis and Recommendations for the Transition of the Automotive Industry,” which establishes the first steps to transition to manufacture less polluting vehicles.

Photo by:   Simone Hutsch

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