Recinto Escandón
Spotlight - Thu, 11/01/2018 - 11:23

Recinto Escandón

Mexico City’s neighborhoods are transforming and adapting to the needs of new generations.
Thu, 11/01/2018 - 11:23
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Mexico City’s neighborhoods are transforming and adapting to the needs of new generations. Nevertheless, it is important that new real estate developments integrate into the existing social tissue, preserving neighborhoods’ traditions and culture to create sustainable cities.
Recinto Escandón is a mixed-use development located in the heart of the Escandon neighborhood in Mexico City. It will merge new lifestyles with existing communities and traditions. The project is designed and developed by Estudio Tacubaya, a Mexican architectural firm based in Mexico City with vast experience developing in Escandon. The development will seamlessly integrate into the neighborhood tissue through an inclusive and conscious transition, integrating elements from the present and the past that represent the continuous development of Escandon.
Interconnecting to the city’s main arteries: Viaducto, Circuito Interior, Periferico and Insurgentes, the Escandon neighborhood is a commuter’s paradise, with easy access to the Metrobús, Metro and ECOBICI systems. Located in the Miguel Hidalgo municipality, Escandon’s appeal aligns with the lifestyles of new generations that embrace the shared economy models looking for co-working and co-living spaces that mold into their everyday needs.  
The project’s centric location adds a unique capital gain to the development. Not only is real estate development flourishing around it, but government investment continues to pour in and the neighborhood has a continuous housing demand to fulfill. The proximity to Roma and Condesa also is boosting the attractiveness of Escandon, making it a real estate investment trend for middle and upper-middle class buyers.
This urban regeneration project will maintain the cultural essence of its surroundings through an inclusive gentrification. The project will include residential, commercial and cultural spaces that will bring together the neighborhood’s local gastronomy, artisans, performers and talent into one space. The entertainment and dining spaces will foster the exchange of ideas among residents and visitors and drive economic activity into Escandon. This 5,000m2 mixed-use project contains two towers interconnected by a loggia and a common open area for residents. It contains more than 20 apartments, ranging from 32m2 to 200m2. The property will also include approximately 1,000m2 of cultural and commercial-oriented leasable space. Strategic alliances with alternative mobility solutions providers add another element that allows Recinto Escandón to make the most of this commuter’s paradise.

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