CLUMIN Chihuahua Launches Training Program for Mining Police
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CLUMIN Chihuahua Launches Training Program for Mining Police

Photo by:   Andrea Ferrario
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 02/13/2023 - 17:10

The Chihuahua Mining Cluster (CLUMIN) has launched a training program for the local Mining Police as it emphasizes the significance of the mining sector to Chihuahua's security bodies. The police ensure safe conditions for mining companies targeted by organized crime groups. 

The 4-hour training took place at the State’s C4 Public Security Complex and began by outlining Chihuahua’s mining tradition, starting with the state’s first mining, Santa Barbara, founded over 450 years ago. The first cohort of 30 mining police elements was established in the state in 2022 and is still in training.

Pablo Méndez, President, CLUMIN, highlighted that Chihuahua governor María Campos pushed to improve security conditions for the mining industry in the state, which resulted in the creation of the mining police. “We applaud this great effort and joined forces to train police officers and create awareness regarding this noble industry,” he added. 

The mining sector is facing a negative outlook for security conditions as mines are frequently targeted by organized crime groups and mining projects are located in areas where drug cartels are present. In December 2022, Zacatecas, the world’s largest silver producer, suffered one of its most violent crime episodes in recent times. 

The lack of security conditions has caused a decrease in investment in the mining sector, according to the Canada-based Fraser Institute. “We must bear in mind that we cannot control this in the short term. Insecurity can even increase in the long term and have a major impact. for this reason, we must be attentive to the risks that surround the industry,” said Osvaldo Barrios, Chief Risk Officer, Fresnillo. Industry insiders emphasize the need to address security concerns as the mining industry is a critical link in the supply chains of many other sectors.

In other states, elements of the mining police have already been deployed but have not produced the desired results, according to members of the members of the Mexican Association of Mining Engineers, Metallurgists and Geologists (AIMMGM). The main problems cited are the extra incurred costs and dealing with armed people in mining projects, an issue that AIMMGM opposes.

Photo by:   Andrea Ferrario

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