Ganfeng Lithium's Mexican Project Sees Obstacles
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Ganfeng Lithium's Mexican Project Sees Obstacles

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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/16/2023 - 09:00

China-based Ganfeng Lithium’s mining concession cancellation has hindered the company’s plans to start activities by 2023. While the company said it will use all legal measures available to fight this resolution, it said it is still open to entering a public-private partnership to develop its plant in Sonora. 

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Ganfeng Lithium Seeks Partnership With Mexican Government

Following the cancellation of its concessions, Ganfeng Lithium announced that it is open to forming a public-private partnership with the Mexican government for its Sonora project. If accepted, Mexico would finally become a lithium producer, but within 20 years. The company announced that if a solution is not reached, the Sonora project could be sold.

Mining Is an Ally, Not an Adversary: AIMMGM 

Luis Humberto Vázquez, President, AIMMGM, asserts that the mining industry is an ally, not an adversary, as it strategically integrates advanced technologies for economic advancement to the benefit of the national economy. Vázquez highlights the industry's substantial economic contribution and underscores its commitment to responsible environmental measures, showcasing a harmonious balance between growth and sustainability.

Concession Cancellation Delays Ganfeng Lithium's Extraction Plans

Following the cancellation of Ganfeng Lithium's mining concessions for lithium extraction, the company announced an indefinite suspension of its plans to initiate mineral extraction. This setback represents a significant obstacle to lithium extraction in Mexico, as no company has managed to produce lithium in the country, thus far.  

Building a Reliable Network of Trustworthy Mining Solutions 

Marcia Rojas, Director for Antofagasta, ProChile, says Chilean expertise holds the key to unlocking new frontiers in the Mexican mining sector. Marcia highlights the ready-to-implement solutions Chile offers, drawing on its rich mining history. 

Mining Projects to Begin Production Despite Uncertainty

A new mining project has announced it has already started production in Mexico, while seven more are expected to do so within two years. Despite Mexico’s uncertain environment and a drop in investment and production numbers, the industry continues to advance.

Innovation, Responsibility Build Strong Mining Foundations

Cinthya Villa, Director General, GRUMINEX, discloses a strategic approach to surmounting challenges in Mexico's mining sector. As reforms in the Mining Law impact the industry's investment landscape, GRUMINEX showcases resilience through diversification. Villa emphasizes the company's role across all phases of mining projects, from pre-feasibility studies to plant commissioning, always with a focus on ESG standards, collaborative client engagement, and commitment to innovation.

SNTMMSSRM to File Resolution Against Grupo México

Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, Senator, Morena and Leader, National Union of Mining, Metallurgical, Iron, Steel, and Similar Workers (SNTMMSSRM), urged the federal government to address the longstanding labor disputes with Grupo México, spanning over 16 years. These disputes have led to the closure of three units of Grupo México during this period, Gómez Urrutia accused. 


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Photo by:   Transly Translation Agency, Unsplash

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