Guerrero to Restore its Mining Council
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Guerrero to Restore its Mining Council

Photo by:   Mikael Kristenson
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 10/07/2022 - 14:26

The governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado, announced the reinstallation of the Guerrero Mining Council, which she said will strengthen the mining industry in the state, an essential local driver for local economic development.

During a meeting with industry insiders, Salgado announced the reinstatement of the Mining Council and recognized mining companies for their contribution to the local economy. The representatives of mining companies, in turn, welcomed and applauded the return of the council. José Peralta, Manager of Public Affairs, Minera Media Luna, recognized Salgado’s work to promote investment in the sector, which he considered boosts the development of local communities. Peralta also recognized the importance of the Mining Council and asked its members to cooperate regarding the development of new strategies to benefit the sector and at the same time the development of communities surrounding mining projects.

Rafael Rebollar, Director General, Industrias Peñoles, proposed an open dialogue to enable joint initiatives among private companies and the academic sector, as well as municipal and local authorities. He said that since Guerrero is one of the most important states for the industry, it is a great opportunity to align the capabilities of the council’s different areas and strengthen the local value chains. “We cannot imagine a mining sector that does not respect the environment, that does not comply with environmental regulation applied to the sector,” Rebollar said while discussing sustainability efforts. 

Salgado highlighted that mining is one of the most important economic activities and is present in 29 municipalities, especially in the central and northern and Tierra Caliente regions that stand out as key gold-producing regions, which ensure that Guerrero is one of Mexico’s most important gold producers and the fifth-largest regarding metallic and non-metallic mining. “Being among Mexico’s most important gold producers allowed us to receive important investment that must be transformed into development and well-being for communities. The mining sector represents a great opportunity to become a state where the sector is an authentic lever for development,” Salgado added. 

Salgado recognized the important US$39.7 million investment made by Torex Gold, the largest investment amount announced in the state for the mining sector. Torex continues to develop the Media Luna project, for which it has recently received a key environmental permit.

Photo by:   Mikael Kristenson

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