The Hidden Benefits of the Mighty Filter

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 15:18

Electrical power systems, such as transformers, motors, and fuses are colliding with the emerging energy efficiency market as it brings to light consequential problems that involve the distortion of harmonic current flows that require specialized filters to obstruct the damage. The issue is that most electrical equipment was designed many years ago to only use practically perfect sinusoidal currents, while nonlinear loads have a strong presence of harmonic currents that greatly damage the equipment’s current and voltage waveforms. On top of these technical issues, the industry must also take into consideration the alarming fact that in Mexico, the manufacturing and mining industries are the only ones that face an annual loss of MX$44.6 million.

Fortunately, Técnica Salgar has been developing reactive power technology since 1976, and offers dual filters that can rescue the mining industry from unnecessary capital loss and inefficiency with a single application. The technology includes automatic absorption filters, and a high capacity dual system that can filter harmonic voltage or currents. The company first introduced rejection filters into the market in 1984, and it was not until the 1990s that it finally created a normalized product line for harmonic current absorption filters. Its essential feature, the technical support it gives to clients and supplies, boosts the company’s reputation to equal that of any other prestigious transnational company.

Técnica Salgar’s dual filter technology can save the day by being the only one in the market that can repair the flow of harmonic currents in electrical power systems, as well as adjusting the potency factor, which in turn offers an overall superior energy quality. With the use of this technology the industrial sector in Mexico will be preventing over 1 million tons of CO2 in annual emissions levels. More specifically, the dual filter can reduce 50 percent of total harmonic distortion in wave forms, and save an impressive 7 percent of electric energy. Técnica Salgar’s technology can also increase productivity by 10 percent. The filters are part of many solutions the company can grant to boost process optimization, and electric energy savings for the mining and metallurgic sectors across the Americas. The company declares that it has played an important role in Mexico’s journey toward becoming a modern, dynamic, and open nation by being a technological pioneer in the reactive power field through projects. Today, it is a solid, institutionalized company that is committed to its team, distributors, and clients.