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Mexican Market in Need of a Technological Leap

By Lorenzo Núñez | Mon, 06/07/2021 - 10:46

Q: What advantages does GeoMediciones provide to the mining market?

A: We focus on tailings management. There is a great deal of waste produced in copper processing that is stored in specific deposits that are designed under strict engineering parameters, given there are many environmental regulations regarding waste management in the industry. According to the law, everything in a mining operation must be traceable, which means that companies need efficient control over the behavior of their tailings. The value we offer at GeoMediciones and HydraMetrix is the proper control and quality security of an operation’s waste, through high-end monitoring machinery. 


Q. How do you monitor multiple projects and protect sensitive information?

A: Our monitoring machinery transfers data remotely or to a monitoring booth, where an operator collects the data. Everything we monitor is sent to our cloud-based platform where it is safely stored and remains confidential. All of our contracts have a confidentiality clause. We also specify that all of our clients’ stored data is collected through a private network that is set up alongside the mining operation, meaning it is not publicly available on the web.


Q: How do you transfer your technology from one country to another?

A: We work alongside top sensor-technology manufacturers. We take their sensors and integrate them into a project. Every single aspect of the sensors is designed based on our clients’ engineering needs. Over time, we have moved on from traditional technologies. We started with pneumatic technologies, then moved to electricity-based technologies and today, we are working with optic fiber technologies, which are completely immune to the electromagnetism present in mining operations.


Q: What is the process of installing your technologies?

A: After analyzing our client’s mining operation, our engineering team and our client specify the requirements. We import the necessary products to the country where our client is located and then we proceed with the integration process. During this process, GeoMediciones is in charge of the on-site integration, which means we are oversee the supply chain, equipment installation and commissioning.


Q: How do you ensure quality in your products and services?

A: In order to understand geotechnical instrumentation, you must first undergo engineering audits. The engineering consultant plans the tailing construction. For the design of the tailings project, we partner with leading consultants, including Golder, Fluor, Bechtel, Wood, WSP, Hatch, Ausenco and others. That ensures that the plan we deliver to the mining operation is of the highest quality and will last the entire life cycle of the operation.



Q: What is the most attractive aspect of the Mexican mining sector?

A: We have been working in the mining industry for over 45 years. Throughout this time, we have seen the mining industry expand and enter different markets, and we have been part of that process as well. We started operating in Chile and Peru and today, our plan is to expand to Mexico. In Peru, we have an affiliate operating exclusively in copper mining. Soon after, we moved to Colombia with highly innovative and successful projects and our next step is to expand into Mexico and the US. Both markets are seeing a boom in the tailings market, which require a great deal of monitoring. That is why we created HydraMetrix LLC in Florida, which will be in charge of supplying the Mexican market. I believe the Mexican market is in need of a technological leap in regard to tailings and waste management. In our market analysis, we noticed that the industry has monitoring systems but it lacks new technologies that transfer tailings data to a cloud-based platform. Global tailings regulations will eventually require these types of innovations as a Risk Management Tool.


Q: What are GeoMediciones’s plans for the Mexican market?

A: We hope to contact Mexican consultants, clients and TSF operators that are looking for technological innovations through our new office in Florida. GeoMediciones’ objective is to present these new technologies in an attempt to leave traditional and somewhat obsolete technology behind. We will continue to do this by showcasing the benefits of new technologies, especially improvements in risk and waste management. Older technologies are affected by natural phenomenon such as electromagnetic and electrostatic conditions, whereas our new sensors are not, providing an additional benefit and value added for the Tailings management.


GeoMediciones is a geotechnical instrumentation company, whose objective is to develop innovative products and services. It is at the head of technology of demanding markets, and has a competitive service and quality.

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