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Mining Industry Essential Ally for Mexico’s Reactivation

By MBN Staff | Tue, 05/12/2020 - 12:36

Mexico’s mining industry is in a privileged position for safeguarding the health and economic development of the most vulnerable populations in the country. Mining reaches far-flung regions that governments often neglect, providing people with employment and infrastructure. Consequently, the sector has been playing an important role in supporting mining-oriented communities during the COVID-19 health crisis.

The Mexican Mining Chamber (CAMIMEX) announced this week that 23 mining companies operating in Mexico had donated services and medical supplies to communities in 16 states. As reported by Vanguardia, Fernando Alanís, President of CAMIMEX, made the following declarations on the matter: “Mining is a fundamental industry for promoting the reactivation of the Mexican economy. It is a transversal and strategic activity, as it naturally engrains itself in supply chains of essential activities such as the chemical, food, electrical, construction, hospital and medical industries. Furthermore, it is a basic industry within the integrated production chains between the countries of North America. Its timely reactivation is essential for the economic and commercial reopening of the soon-to-be-implemented USMCA trade agreement.”

Alanís went on to say that "82 percent of the value of the national mining production is located in municipalities listed by the Ministry of Health as null, low or very low COVID-19 contagion. Thus, authorities are in a position to gradually allow the restart of mining operations, maintaining health protocols and best practices in mining-metallurgical operations issued by the Undersecretariat of Mining.”

In its most recent daily bulletins, CAMIMEX highlights the following efforts undertaken by its members in the struggle against COVID-19:

  • Fresnillo plc is sponsoring the construction of the COVID-19 Hospitalization Module, adjoining the hospital that IMSS has enabled in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. The module is intended to increase the hospital’s capacity during the health emergency and to avoid over occupation. It is 47 percent complete and is expected to be fully built by the end of May.
  • Met-Mex Peñoles handed out 300 packages of food and disinfectants in a Torreon, Coahuila, neighborhood. The initiative was undertaken along with the municipal government. The neighborhood is called Vicente Guerrero and is located next to the company’s metallurgical plant.
  • Capstone Gold has donated food, bleach, sanitizing gel and masks to its communities of influence in Zacatecas. The company’s employees, as well as its suppliers, have joined efforts for delivering the goods.
  • Steel manufacturer Ternium has donated high-end medical equipment to strengthen Colima’s health system. The company gave away four respirators, two intensive care beds and two vital signs monitors. Also, the company donated 21,000 safety devices to ensure the safety of medical workers.  
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