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Mining Production Levels Set to Increase Further

By Karin Dilge | Wed, 06/29/2022 - 16:02

A program to allow the participation of small and medium enterprises in mining exploitation activities will be developed to promote investment. Moreover, mining activities bring development to the communities where they are carried out. Many new mining projects will start and increase production this year. In addition, the production of zinc looks promising for the Mexican mining sector which could make the country a global leader in the metal used for many products of daily use.


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SMEs to Participate More in Mining Exploitation: SGM

In collaboration with the Mexican Geological Survey (SGM), the Ministry of Economy (SE) will develop a program that would allow SMEs to participate in mining exploitation activities, with the aim to promote investment in the sector and share industry knowledge with participating companies.

Zinc Production to Increase in Mexico

Mining companies in Mexico are seeking to increase zinc production, which could boost the position of the country as a global leader of the industrial metal.

Mining Companies Do Not Evade Taxes: CAMIMEX

The Mexican Mining Chamber (CAMIMEX) declared that its members do not evade taxes. Instead, the chamber stated that sector is one of Mexico’s largest taxpayers. The statement comes after the Mexican Tax Authority (SAT) released a study where the mining and baking sectors are accused of tax evasion.

Government Holds Smear Campaign Against Us: Vulcan Materials

After President López Obrador once again accused Vulcan Materials of causing an ecological disaster in Quintana Roo, the company responded by declaring that the president's statements are untrue. In addition, Vulcan highlighted that the measures taken by the government to suspend its operations are in breach of the USMCA.

Mining Projects Set to Increase Production

Several mining companies are all but assuring their growth in Mexico, as various new projects will begin production this year.

Mining Boosts Mexico’s Development: Torex Gold

Faysal Rodríguez Valenzuela, Vice President Mexico, Torex Gold said that mining activity generates benefits for those living in communities surrounding mining projects of companies like Media Luna.

Miners Are Falling Behind Regarding Environmental Efforts

While environmental practices have become a priority for mining executives around the world, Mexico has been unable to make significant progress on key issues. The main challenge the industry is facing in its green transition are President López Obrador's reforms, which aim to alter the energy industry and review mining concessions.

Minera Cuzcatlán Attains Global Environmental Certifications

After carrying out internal audits, Minera Cuzcatlán, the Mexican subsidiary of Fortuna Silver Mines, announced it obtained third-party international certifications regarding health, environmental and social issues.

Guanajuato Silver to Reactivate Mining Project

The Canada-based company Guanajuato Silver aims to restart operations at an abandoned gold-silver mine near the El Cubo project in Guanajuato after finding significant silver mineralization. The project is expected to boost the company’s silver production in a long-standing mining district.


Photo by:   Matthew De Livera
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