Rotating Equipment Performance
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Rotating Equipment Performance

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Mon, 10/22/2018 - 16:30

Mining customer requirements are focused on improving the productivity, efficiency and performance of their rotating equipment. To address this market, SKF’s Rotating Equipment Performance (REP) consists of products and services that enable customers to increase the availability and reliability of industrial assets, while also reducing environmental impact and improving health and safety practices.
SKF's primary goal in the development of this technology is to help end-users and OEMs meet their business goals and maintain market competitiveness throughout the whole equipment life cycle. The main premise of REP is all about combining a wide range of products, services and integrated solutions. This means the outcome is a complete portfolio of reliable engineering, high-tech condition monitoring, precision reconditioning and remanufacturing services.
Most industrial companies already view maintenance as a core skill specialized to optimize processes, remanufacture critical equipment and detect early failure and corresponding root causes. These core specialties are often provided by third-party companies, as maintenance professionals recognize that day-to-day maintenance demands do not allow the time to be fully updated on the industry’s best practices.
As more and more companies are taking a leap of faith and deciding to outsource maintenance functions, it becomes increasingly important to make the right choice in service providers. These must have wide-ranging knowledge of failure expertise and global standards to ensure the highest quality. This industry shift is also moving from reactive to proactive maintenance. This has led SKF to forecast a high growth in the REP market as it can meet both needs.
Also, as Industry 4.0 continues to gain momentum, it is in a CEO’s best interest to implement technologies that can predict and manage industrial assets. Companies increasingly want and need to know when their equipment will fail and, most importantly, which solutions can eliminate the underlying root cause and prevent future reoccurrence. SKF’s ability to provide broad knowledge about the rotating equipment functions of applications involving bearings, seals, lubricants and power transmissions, perfectly positioning the company to take advantage of these growing trends.

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