Sonoro Gold Announces Drilling Program Results
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Sonoro Gold Announces Drilling Program Results

Photo by:   Shane McLendon
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 04/22/2022 - 14:32

Sonoro Gold reported the results coming from 15 additional drill holes made as part of its drilling campaign currently underway at the company’s Cerro Caliche gold project in the El Colorado, Guadalupe, and El Bellotozo gold zones, located in Sonora.


The objective of the drilling program is to increase the estimated size and grade of the project’s oxide gold mineralization and potentially extend the estimated life of heap leach mining operations (HLMO). Previously, multiple high-grade gold intercepts were reported at El Colorado and Guadalupe zones. 


At the El Colorado zone, eight drill holes were completed. El Colorado’s drill holes were identified as SRC-286, SRC-289, SRC-290, SRC-291, SRC-293,  SRC-298, SRC-299 and SRC-300.


SRC-286 intercepted high-grade gold mineralization at the deepest level of the zone’s epithermal system. SRC-289 intercepted 7.62m averaging 0562g/t Au, including 1.52m averaging 1.385g/t Au. 


At SRC-290, the company reported an average of 0.378g/t Au and 3.370g/t at 1.52m.At SRC-291, Sonoro intercepted 3.05m averaging 0.503g/t Au, including 1.53m averaging 1.670g/t Au.

Furthermore, SRC-292 averaged 1.765g/t, SRC-293 averaged 0.874g/t Au, SRC-298 averaged 0.884g/t, SRC-299 averaged 9.018g/t Au and SRC-300 averaged 0.407g/t.


At the Guadalupe zone, four drill holes were made on the western side of the proposed resource pit. The drill holes were identified as SRC-294, SRC-295, SRC-296 and SRC-2097. 


SRC-294 drill hole intercepted 3.05m averaging 0.525g/t Au at a depth of 122m. SRC-125 intercepted 1.52 meters averaging 1.455g/t Au at a depth of 113m. Furthermore, it intercepted 1.53m averaging 6.00g/t Au at a depth of 164.5m. At SRC-196 and 197, Sonoro discovered extensions of the gold mineralization along the southeastern trend. 


For El Bellotoso zone, the only drill hole that reported relevant results was SRC-301, which intercepted 10.67m averaging 0.497g/t near the surface, including 1.52m that averaged 1.795g/t Au. 


Jorge Diaz, Vice President of Operations, Sonoro Gold, told MBN that in the first stage of the project they expected a 2Moz gold production, has now appears to be a realistic assumption. in addition, in 2021 they expected a production rate of 15,000tpd, with the potential of increasing this up to 20,000tpd. 


Sonoro Gold Corp is a junior gold exploration and development company, which aims to become a gold producer in the future. Cerro Caliche is the company’s key project in this mission.


Photo by:   Shane McLendon

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