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Director of Operations
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Director of Business Development at Globexplore Drilling & Analytics
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A Successful Drill Campaign Requires Five Important Components

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 14:30

Q: Why does many of the most respected mining and exploration companies consistently return to Globexplore for their important drill campaigns?
JF: Any successful drill campaign requires five important components. First it requires a team of experts that only years of experience can provide. Second is a modern drill fleet with the latest technologies in safety and performance. Third is the solid infrastructure needed to support efficient field operations. Fourth is a deep corporate culture of safety, environmental and communal responsibility. The fifth component is to provide each of these requirements at an economically-viable and competitive cost. Because Globexplore consistently delivers each of these requirements we are proud to say that every client we have ever worked for would recommend our services and hire us again. It is this strong track record and solid reputation that sets us apart.
Q: While interviewing one of your larger clients the company brought up that it is currently using Globexplore with four different types of drilling at the same time in the same project. Can you tell us more about that?
AL: We currently have two different clients that have us drilling reverse circulation, deep-hole core, man portable core and underground core simultaneously on each of their properties. These two clients hired us to perform these four different types of drilling because they know from our previous performance that we have the experience and expertise to carry out this complex activity side by side. Each drill type requires a different crew with the experience and expertise along with all the mechanical and technical support needed. It is like running four different drill projects, and it is further complicated by the fact it is being carried out on one single property. It requires very detailed organization and execution of well-managed procedures.
Q: Why would a mining or exploration company select Globexplore for such a large and complicated program?
AL: It all comes down to a contractor’s track record and reputation. In measuring the amount of decision makers that select a drilling company this is a very small industry and word of mouth matters. When a job is carried out well or poorly, the information is quick to spread. We are very proud that we have built a very strong reputation through good old-fashioned hard work combined with strong ethics, innovation and technology that has consistently given our clients industry-leading results.
The clients that know us contact us first and those who do not know us can verify our performance by viewing over 40 letters of recommendation we have earned from many of the most respected exploration and mining companies in the world. We are unaware of any other drilling company that is presenting such a reliable and consistent performance record in writing from their clients. We simply do not take on a new contract unless we are 100 percent sure we can complete it with a satisfied client. We do all that is necessary to safely complete the job on time, on target and within budget. And ultimately that is what earns us a positive reference for new and returning clients. This is simply the only way to make sure we can maintain the reputation we have that has led every client we have ever worked with to state that they would hire us again and recommend our performance.
Q: What is the future for Globexplore in 2019 and beyond?
JF: We have some exciting new technologies we are adding to our Geosite services that is currently being used by several of our major clients. This is a combination of Hyperspectral and XRF analysis and core logging with our partner Terracore. In addition to Geosite we are currently adding new deep-hole core rigs requested by our clients for depths up to 2,000m. While we will continue our focus on Mexico we are very close to establishing operations in a second country. With zero debt and 95 percent of our fleet on solid long-term contracts we will continue to acquire new rigs to meet our clients’ demands.