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Aguascalientes is Mexico’s Key Player at IAA Mobility Summit

By Pamela Benítez | Mon, 10/25/2021 - 17:28

Aguascalientes is considered essential in Mexico’s transition toward sustainable and smart mobility, as its growth and position in the Bajio have allowed the state to represent the country at the 2021 IAA MOBILITY summit, where a new worldwide mobility beginning was set in motion. 

The 2021 International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) is the world’s largest mobility trade show and has established itself as the first global mobility platform for the future where tech developments are showcased. The trade show took place in Munich, where more than 1,000 speakers and exhibitors from 32 countries discussed technological innovations and foresight for the future’s climate-neutral mobility and digitization.  

“The IAA MOBILITY is now the largest mobility event in the world. New electric cars, bicycles, e-scooters, energy policies, and urban planning, digitization, and more – here in Munich we presented and discussed what needs to be thought together in the future […] on the path to the new mobility. The exhibitors unveiled more than 100 premieres of their latest models and concepts, underscoring the fact that the transformation of mobility is being driven forward toward climate neutrality and digitization,” said Hildegard Müller, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

This mobility revolution set at the international summit demands for further and better tech advancements in Mexico, including spaces to manufacture new technologies in addition to human talent and professional elements focused on mechatronics and the production of technological components. This transformation goes beyond the assembling process. 

Aguascalientes proudly represented Mexico at the 2021 IAA MOBILITY show, considered one of the key sectors for Mexico’s foreign direct investment (FDI). The state of Aguascalientes is located in the Bajio region of the country, where more than nine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can be found in a 300 km radius, guaranteeing the stability and continuous economic growth of the region. 

These advantages prompt Aguascalientes to have a greater presence in automotive events, where direction and requirements, as well as conditions for the industry are discussed. Presence at key industry events will allow the Bajio region to remain a major hub for the automotive industry, since it already has a qualified and skilled labor force, a complete manufacturing system, energy availability, and a strategic position in the Pacific-North America corridor. 

Despite these advantages, Mexico still faces important challenges with semiconductors that need to be solved prior to the advancement of this new future in climate-neutral mobility and digitization, as reported by Antonio Gozain, an MBN Journalist and Industry Analyst.

“As vehicles become smarter and greener, more semiconductors are demanded, [however] semiconductor shortages still plague the automotive industry, with OEMs constantly stopping production across the world. In Mexico, the situation has not been different; production and sales figures have hit their lowest levels in the last decade, while exports have not recovered entirely from the pandemic crisis. Some industry experts believe that Mexico has the potential to produce semiconductors, but think that the country should play a supportive role as the US opens its new factories,” reported Gozain to MBN.

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Pamela Benítez Pamela Benítez Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst