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View from the Top Helps Turn Local Companies Into Global Entities

By Sofía Garduño | Thu, 07/07/2022 - 08:39

Q: How does automate the logistics processes of its customers?

A: We connect e-commerce businesses to numerous carriers around the world and help them automate their shipping rules and needs. With Envia, you can quote in real time, you can automatically create and print shipping labels in batches to ship thousands of orders at the same time. is part of a company called Tendencys Innovations. We offer a 360-degree solution that allows e-commerce companies to target different markets. We offer shipping logistics and we have a payment solution for processing payments in all the same countries where we operate. We have a warehouse management software that automates the process from order received to order shipped allowing businesses to save time and money. We also offer an API with platforms to over 40 e-commerce systems in one integration, reducing the time to a couple of weeks for what might have taken four to five years.

Q: What makes a unique and competitive platform and how do you reduce operation times and costs?

A: Our main solution is Envia shipping. We help companies to start operations in 13 countries where we are integrated with more than 150 couriers. We also offer Less Than Truckload (LTL) services, which is more for business-to-business operations, where companies ship to stores or a warehouse or wherever they need to ship their products in high quantities. We offer e-commerce integrations that allow companies to integrate with our more than 40 different e-commerce platforms. We also offer our app that helps companies manage all their orders and shipments on-the-go. With our fulfillment service we store and distribute a company’s products on their behalf, handling the picking, packing and shipping for all the products in our fulfillment service.

Q: What other technological services does offer and how do they set the company apart in the logistics market?

A: We offer one of the market’s most complete systems. We offer tools for the e-commerce environment: tracking tools, integration tools and a warehouse management system (WMS) that companies can use to handle inventory allocation, inventory tracking and the processing of orders. When a company opens an account with us, they automatically have a great number of courier options. Since we handle very high shipping volumes, we can offer competitive shipping rates. We also take care of logistics automatization, so instead of having many people creating labels or tracking a company’s packages, the company can input its orders and create shipping labels with one click.

Q: How did the e-commerce boom throughout the pandemic impact the logistics industry and specifically?

A: In 2020, we likely grew more than 400 percent. It was a very big year for us and the entire industry. The pandemic forced many people to buy online and I think this change in buyer behavior is here to stay. Companies and manufacturers that previously were very traditional in their approach are all creating an online presence and trying to implement tech in their current operations. We are one of the few sectors that grew during the pandemic. Our main challenges were to support the volume, respond to clients on time and keep our platform online because it grew very quickly in a short period of time. We are growing in many countries and in those that we operate in, there is no other solution similar to what we offer.

Q: How does help companies achieve the goal of transforming from local to global entities?

A: The first challenge for us is to be able to handle operations within the same country. The main barrier to international shipping for small and medium companies is the cost of shipping. Shipping small packages is almost the same price as the product you are shipping. Our goal is to have different fulfillment centers in different countries and since we already are integrated with all the local couriers, we can complete the distribution quickly and at a much better price.

The next challenges are always the time difference, language and cultural barriers. Another is that address styling differs from country to country. Depending on the country, we have to make changes in our platform so customers can provide quotes and create the shipping labels themselves.

Our goal is to be in the whole world. We are starting with all of the Americas. Next, we are opening in the biggest countries with the most e-commerce operations. These include India, Australia, the UK, China, Japan and Russia. These are much harder because of the language barrier but that is our goal for the next two to three years. is a logistics and transportation company based in Mexico that develops products for the e-commerce sector. It provides customized solutions, with more than 20 carriers and a wide variety of e-commerce portals.

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