Tralfer Logistics Begins Door-to-Door Operation Between Mexico,US
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Tralfer Logistics Begins Door-to-Door Operation Between Mexico,US

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Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 04/14/2023 - 12:48

Tralfer Logistics, an expert in road-based transport, is consolidating its door-to-door operations in the US. The company has initially allocated two units to provide the service to its North American clients.

The history of trade between the US, Mexico and Canada goes way back. The North American Free Trade Agreement (USMCA) helped the continent to further turn into a regional economic powerhouse as the deal overhauled trade relations, deepened economic integration, established protections for intellectual property, created dispute resolution mechanisms and codified landmark labor and environmental guidelines.

Anaí Fernández, Operations Manager, Tralfer Logistics, said that now that it has obtained plates issued by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), the company has been operating in Texas with the B1 for three weeks and that operations are going well. “We are focusing on getting to know the market better, although it is the same business, it is handled differently in the US, with other rules and regulations to comply with. The good news is that we are in the process of CTPAT certification and in this procedure, we are required to have a high degree of agricultural security, so we have to fumigate and disinfect the trailers constantly," explained Fernández.

The main route that Tralfer Logistics operates with destinations to the neighboring country is Guanajuato-Dallas and Guanajuato-Houston. To start with the door-to-door service, the company allocated dry boxes with a long-term expansion plan to platforms or refrigerated units.

"We have plans to increase the service, but we are taking it one step at a time. For now, and due to the shortage of equipment, we will keep the fleet as it is. As the market demands more significant services, we will plan investments," commented Fernández. 

Moreover, she detailed that the units operating in the US are Mexican and have plates issued by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and the DOT.

According to Ingo Babrikowski, CEO, Estafeta, one of the greatest services that logistics integrators can provide to their customers is the reduction of opportunity cost through the leverage that infrastructure can provide. Therefore, companies and management teams must prepare  to guarantee shorter delivery routes, more competitive costs and prevent a new collapse of global supply in future scenarios.

Photo by:   pixabay

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