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Manuel Nieblas
Partner and Manufacturing Industry Leader
Deloitte Mexico
Smart City developments will be key for improved mobility. However, clear government actions and regulations are needed to truly transform cities.
With the use of technologies and the digitalization of mass transport systems, local mobility could improve and travel costs could be reduced
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Gerardo Múgica
Partner México
Alexander Dennis
Newcomer Alexander Dennis brought its British expertise in double-deckers to add a unique touch to Mexico's latest Metrobús line.
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Fernando Páez
Operations Director
WRI Mexico
WRI has six work programs focused on cities, climate, energy, forests, food and water
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Laura Ballesteros
Former Deputy Minister of Planning
The Ministry of Mobility of Mexico City (SEMOVI) is in charge of all regulations related to public and private transportation within Mexico City.
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Efraín Arias
Director General
SCT Centro Querétaro
SCT Centro Querétaro is responsible for the planning, design, construction and conservation of transport and communications in the state of Queretaro
Green vehicles remain a meager percentage of Mexico’s vehicle park
OEMs are already changing their focus to address trends like electrification and autonomy. Now, suppliers must follow suit.
“Every week, 400 people die on the streets in Mexico because of traffic accidents,” says Eckardt
Full-electric urban mobility in Mexico may not be too far down the road.
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