Alejandro León
Director of Latin America Upstream
IHS Markit
View from the Top

Benefits of Enhanced Data Management

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 12:32

Q: How could IHS help CNH deliver data in user-friendly formats as it is compiled and formated for bidding rounds?

A: Given the fast-paced nature in which CNH had to deliver all of the data for Round One and organize itself during its creation, we were not able to participate. We were interested in helping the regulator because we know how important managing data will be for the success of the tendering process. Standardizing and managing data correctly are truly critical steps in order for companies to make the most of what is available. While CNH is currently only dealing with the transfer of PEMEX’s data, it will be required to manage the data from all companies operating in Mexico in the future. Moreover, it will also have to manage its own data and compile all of the country’s technical data in a user-friendly format that is understandable to any company looking to use such information. Considering that IHS’ platform is commonly used by many players in the oil and gas industry, many companies find it much easier to maneuver through the data using our platform. CNH has a huge challenge ahead. Nevertheless, its foundation and its people are backed by very professional standards while its internal capabilities are growing steadily. Adhering to transparency standards and international best practices will definitely play a role as it positions itself into its new framework requirements. The integrity of CNH’s processes will depend on working under a well-defined structure so that it can guarantee a fair playing field for all companies involved in the bidding rounds.

Q: How is IHS preparing itself to deliver its entire line of data management services for the first time in Mexico?

A: IHS is able to digest and process a great amount of data to offer its clients an integrated platform that allows for the analysis of many possible factors and scenarios. Because of the need to fully evaluate each opportunity before making an investment, our services are tailored not only for operators but also for service companies and financial institutions looking to tap into Mexico’s post-Reform oil rush. In turn, this is a great opportunity for IHS in Mexico, because we will be able to offer our entire service portfolio in the country for the first time. We will now offer geological data management, which will provide companies with the ability to carry out in-depth analyses and determine the best opportunities in Mexico’s hydrocarbon asset portfolio.

Q: Which type of projects do you foresee your clients getting into?

A: Even though there has been much talk about Mexico’s great deepwater potential, very few companies are interested in taking on these developments, namely large enterprises interested in capital-intensive projects. Therefore, most medium to large independent companies are interested in Mexico’s onshore assets, including secondary recovery projects. While Round One does not offer too many opportunities in this segment, there will be a broader playing field for these companies in subsequent rounds. Additionally, most of the companies looking to work in onshore assets are interested in knowing how they will work with PEMEX. Since these companies will most likely share or use the NOC’s existing infrastructure, questions such as the amount to be paid to PEMEX for this service are coming up. Even though these concerns vary depending on each company’s targets and ambitions, Mexico has a multifaceted asset portfolio with vast geological and technical challenges, which will offer opportunities for a diverse range of enterprises.

Q: How is Mexico positioned in IHS’ global portfolio and how will the company leverage its international experience here?

A: Since 2014, our Latin America Upstream division has grown about 30% thanks to Mexico. While Mexico is our top growth engine, Brazil still holds a very important place in our overall Latin America portfolio, and Argentina is also providing opportunities for us given its shale boom. We feel that our positive project experiences in Brazil and Colombia will surely help improve our service offering for the Mexican market as it opens up. Our experience in Colombia was very positive given that we were able to work not only with operators but also with the country’s regulators. As the country opens up its energy sector to new companies, IHS sees a myriad of opportunities as a global data management and consulting firm. Thanks to our services, we are able to cater to both the private sector and the country’s energy regulators. However, we need to anticipate the industry’s concerns and demands so that we can continue to be ahead of our competition. Anticipating our clients’ next question is at the core of our strategy. In doing this, we are able to guarantee them highly valuable insight with resourceful tools to facilitate their decision-making processes.