Carlos Rafael Murrieta

Carlos Rafael Murrieta Cummings

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 16:02

Carlos Rafael Murrieta Cummings, Chief Operational Officer of PEMEX, believes it would be feasible to lure international oil companies, under the newly allowed contracting models, to work hand-in-hand with PEMEX in Cantarell in order to increase the declining field’s production. “It is a possibility for the future of Cantarell. However, we have brought experts to these kinds of fields in the past and it has not always worked as we would have wished,” he explains. “We need to be open to different options and define the possibilities of how various parties can become involved. We also have to look at which kind of companies we bring in. Experts with impressive track records in other parts of the world have come to Cantarell but they did not replicate the success they had met with elsewhere.”

Murrieta Cummings also believes that PEMEX should prepare attractive business cases to get other companies to help it in fields that are in decline, such as the largest offshore supergiant in the world. “I see Cantarell as one of the fields that we need to keep in our portfolio and where we can complement our expertise with other successful companies,” he reveals. “We do not yet have a clear perspective on what the precise upsides would be if we opened up to certain technology and expertise. There are many different ways to handle this and we need to be open to other companies’ participation in several fields.”