The Future of Oilfield Water Management
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The Future of Oilfield Water Management

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Pedro Alcalá By Pedro Alcalá | Senior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 11/12/2021 - 10:29

As global produced water volumes continue to increase, the treatment and management of water has become an increasingly important element in oil and gas treatment and production. Water management infrastructure is constantly evolving with the needs of the energy transition, and various environmental and government regulations and policies are accelerating the trend.

An integral part of produced water treatment is primary and secondary separation and filtration, which functions to maintain efficiencies and prolong equipment life. Companies such as Exterran, who are recognized and renowned in international markets for gas compression and infrastructure services, provide a wide-range of water solutions for this purpose as well as a full suite of scalable technologies for primary and secondary deoiling, and tertiary filtration in various applications and water volumes. Exterrran Water Solutions (EWS) also offers a complete technology suite to manage the handling of solids at upstream facilities including their Separon™ Desander line designed for bulk solids removal in a number of applications, such as produced water reinjection (read the case study here).  Recently, EWS announced a number of new long-term contracts for the application of produced water management services leveraging their patented Enhanced Gas Flotation Tank (EGFT®) technology.

These water management solutions have a direct impact on a client’s economics through reductions in both CAPEX and OPEX and support environmental responsibility and sustainability goals through maintaining safety performance, limiting footprint, and leveraging innovation to provide environmentally efficient solutions. Exterran has a robust presence in the region dating back 50+ years and a large portfolio of active projects worldwide. Every day, their innovative produced water treatment technology treats over 2,000,000 barrels of water across the globe for reuse/recycle back into operations or safe discharge. Find out how Exterran can help you enhance operational efficiencies and achieve a better bottom line at

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