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Putting People First to Satisfy All Party’s Needs

Yina Muñoz - Match Personnel
Director General


Tue, 01/22/2013 - 13:04

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Headhunting in the Mexican oil and gas industry is a complicated endeavor due to the lack of experienced talent available domestically. For this reason, Match Personnel was created to serve as a people-oriented company, linking the employment needs of Pemex and private oil and gas companies with unemployed workers searching for a job. “Our goal is to be the link between the unemployed that have a strong desire to learn and be trained, and companies that have the need but do not have the resources to train people,” explains Yina Muñoz Pineda, Director General of Match Personnel.

As well as o†ering headhunting services for the Mexican oil and gas industry, Match Personnel also o†ers operational support for maintenance, drilling, and vessel operations. “For example, one of our clients in Singapore required a complete vessel crew, which we recruited for them, from the captain to the cook; another American client came to Mexico with three vessels and we provided them with three complete crews. We o†er more services than headhunting in various di†erent fields of the oil and gas industry,” argues Muñoz Pineda.

The strategy of Match Personnel’s headhunting system is to understand the di†erent strengths and weaknesses of each of its candidates, and develop them in certain areas where they might be lacking. For example, Muñoz Pineda claims that instead of teaching candidates specific technical skills relating to their jobs, Match Personnel engages its subjects in programs that improve their attitudes, emotional wellbeing, and mental state, helping them to become more self-motivated. “The success of Match Personnel lies in the happiness of our candidates, since we invest a lot of resources in training courses and valuing their work. We do not see our candidates as a number - on the contrary, we see them as humans with a strong desire to move forward and succeed.”

Due to the growth Match Personnel has experienced in recent years, some have expressed concerns about the company losing its core values – the feeling that Match Personnel is a family-run business; Muñoz Pineda believes that in order to counter this, Match Personnel must continue to invest in the leadership skills of its managers. “The leadership skills of our managers are key – they have to be able to transmit to our clients the harmony and spirit of the company that we transmit to them – without this, Match Personnel would have fallen apart a long time ago.”

Match Personnel also o†ers training programs, through which it administers psychological and personality tests in order to better understand the values, goals, and desires of each applicant. “This is an essential part of our enterprise, because we want to recommend the right people in order to achieve the best match, thus satisfying everyone involved,” adds Muñoz Pineda.

In order to achieve this, Match Personnel hires and trains managers with the ability to transmit the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual knowledge needed. “We have managers from all backgrounds – some with Masters’ Degrees and others with none; however, since harmony and self-motivation are the most important attributes required for Match Personnel employees, education levels do not predetermine who we hire,” explains Muñoz Pineda.

Even though there are multiple successful human resources companies in Mexico, Match Personnel has been able to succeed because of the company’s willingness to invest time and money in achieving the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its workers. Its policy is to regard each employee as a human being with the inherent capacity to expand the mission and values of the company while continuing to grow personally and professionally. “Our passion and goals lie in creating self-motivated individuals with the desire – not the need – to succeed, by o†ering the necessary skills to help them to get jobs,” Muñoz Pineda details. “We have a monthly rotation rate of 3% in the company, and usually the employee leaving us has been o†ered a position by one of our clients. This represents an accomplishment for us.”

Match Personnel has an aggressive growth strategy, in the name of succeeding in headhunting and outsourcing services not only in Mexico but also abroad – especially in Singapore and the US, where they have already sent workers in the past. Since not all Match Personnel employees can be sent abroad for training and experience, Muñoz Pineda explains that the company has created a selection process based on attitude, aptitude, and personal and professional ambitions. “With this selection process we make sure we send the people abroad who have the strongest desire to work and the qualifications to succeed,” says Muñoz Pineda.

Besides this, Muñoz Pineda claims one of their objectives is to acquire a Pemex quality certification in order to be able to bid for contracts in the next rounds of Integrated Service Contracts (ISC’s). “What we want the most is to acquire a Pemex quality certification; therefore, we will constantly supply Pemex with our highly trained personnel in administrative and environmental roles.”

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