Round One & Shallow Water Fields

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 12:41

Block 1 of phase two of Round One consists of three shallow water fields: Amoca, Miztón, and Tecoalli. These are located at the border between Veracruz and Tabasco in the Southeast Marine Region, where the water depth ranges between 18-33m. Amoca is located approximately 61km northeast of the Port of Coatzacoalcos, while Tecoalli is 5km north of the Dos Bocas terminal. Geologically, these fields are in the Isthmus Saline Basin, which is characterized by hydrocarbon producing reservoirs with intrusions from saline bodies. Miztón is hosted in sedimentary layers belonging to the Tertiary Period, and it is a producer of light oil with estimated 3P reservoirs of 86.4 million boe. These fields have a cumulative surface of 68km2 and are all oil producers. The Miztón reservoir is embedded in the Middle Pliocene formations and has an API gravity of 33°; Amoca is governed by Lower-Middle Pliocene formations and its crude’s gravity ranks at 27°API. Finally, Tecoalli belongs to the Lower Pliocene and has a gravity level of 29°API. The original oil in place for the three fields has been determined at 310.8 million barrels of 1P reserves, 515.3 million barrels of 2P reserves, and 788.1 million barrels of 3P reserves. The technically and economically recoverable 1P reserves stand at 55.6 million barrels, 106.7 million for 2P reserves, and 160.1 million barrels for 3P reserves. For natural gas, the reserves estimates are 32.9bcf of 1P reserves, 69.3bcf of 2P reserves, and 127.2bcf of 3P reserves.