Adrien Caudron
General Director
View from the Top

Supporting Long-Term EOR Solutions for Mature Fields

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 13:54

Q: What have been Beicip-Franlab’s main contributions to the Mexican oil and gas industry in recent years?

A: Beicip Services Mexico is a subsidiary of Beicip-Franlab, which fully depends on the French Petroleum Institute (IFP). Our task is to commercialize the technological solutions and methodologies developed by IFP and to provide technical expertise to the exploration and production industry, principally by carrying out integrated studies. Alongside this, we develop and distribute software and technology platforms, which provide the necessary tools in order to obtain a complete understanding of Mexico basin and reservoir mechanisms. Over the last decades, we have provided key technical studies and analysis, and worked alongside with PEMEX and IMP on increasing subsurface knowledge and implementing successful strategies, covering all disciplines from exploration to production, from petroleum system analysis and basin modeling to reservoir simulation and enhanced oil recovery projects.

Q: How has the Energy Reform affected the needs of PEMEX?

A: PEMEX’s exploration needs have changed, as it is no longer requires carrying out as many regional projects as before. Instead it will need to study the specific areas that it was assigned during Round Zero, as well as blocks that it will win during the different contracting rounds, in order to make new discoveries and fine-tune field appraisal methods. There has also been a shift in production and development, with stricter deadlines and production quotas requiring a leaner field management and higher profitability. We are now seeing a very strong focus within PEMEX on building a strong technological development capability and cementing strategic partnerships with oil companies that have revealed interest in the recently opened blocks. The new PEMEX is already emerging, and Beicip-Franlab is supporting it.

Q: How will PEMEX’s budget cuts affect the required investments in fields like Cantarell and Ku-Maloob-Zaap?

A: Restrictions and budget cuts could drastically affect modern exploration processes, such as multi-component seismic acquisition campaigns as well as innovative production methods such as enhanced oil recovery projects. Those processes are important especially for strategic reservoirs such as Cantarell and Ku-Maloob-Zaap, which production accounts for more than a third of the total production of Mexico. Critical thinking is required in order to identify clearly the zone of interest and the depth of the rock formations that need to be targeted in order to maximize the return on investment. Here again, Beicip-Franlab can provide its technical expertise and knowhow to deliver results and implementing strategies, which can help to maximize profit

Q: What are Beicip’s guidelines for PEMEX to succeed in becoming a productive enterprise of the state?

A: PEMEX is already a productive enterprise of the state, and Beicip-Franlab is not here for providing guidelines that can only be defined and applied by PEMEX’s top management. On the other hand, Beicip-Franlab can provide recommendations and expert opinions on matters as diverse as assistance for farm-in, farm-out, assistance for reserves and resources evaluation and valuation, resources and reserves audit and certification, assistance during negotiations and assistance to optimize the asset portfolio. We have a strong pedigree and solid experience developed by having worked in more than 120 countries over the past 50 years, and providing assistance to numerous NOCs during the opening up of their respective national territories.

Q: Has Beicip also sought to work with CNH?

A: CNH is a great new player in the Mexican oil industry. We have worked with national agencies and regulators in other countries on various projects, ranging from the certification of reserves, the development of prospective resources, to supporting the configuration data rooms and even selecting potential partners. We have an entire portfolio of services that we can offer to CNH.