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Claims PAN Conspiracy in Chihuahua / Rules Out Debt to States

By Ricardo Guzman | Thu, 09/24/2020 - 11:28

No government representatives in Chihuahua over ‘conspiracy.’ Representatives of the federal government will not participate in the Chihuahua security meetings since there is a “conspiracy” involving PAN members, President López Obrador said. “We have to define positions. How are we going to deal with matters of national interest when they are conspiring in these meetings?” he said after Chihuahua Gov. Javier Corral criticized the National Guard’s handling of the La Boquilla dam conflict. The president stated that he will unveil the letter sent by Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in which he claims Mexico's noncompliance with the bilateral water agreement involving La Boquilla. López Obrador lamented that a political affair might disrupt the good relationship with the US. “They just want to win an election and they are putting Mexico’s relationship with the United States at risk. It is very irresponsible,” he said. The president announced a “cleaning” of the National Water Commission (Conagua) in both local and federal offices, saying that it has been “taken over” by partisan interests from the PAN party

No obligation to states. President López Obrador said the federal government owes nothing to the states, after the Federalist Alliance asked for extra funds to compensate for losses given the COVID-19 pandemic. “We do not owe them anything,” he said and explained that Minister of Finance (SHCP) Arturo Herrera has instructions to always act without partisanship or a personal agenda. “The amount that by law corresponds to them will be delivered in time and in form,” he said. López Obrador added that if the federal funds are not enough, then the states have to find a way to save money so “that there is no corruption, that there is no money wasted and no unnecessary expenses.”

Asks supporters not to fall for provocations. AMLO asked his supporters not to fall for FRENAAA’s provocations in the Zocalo, after protesters against the López Obrador administration finally reached Mexico City’s main square and set up tents. “Please, if you are our sympathizers, do not go and fall into any provocation. Let this group demonstrate with absolute freedom,” he said. The Zocalo is a place historically taken over by demonstrators, sometimes for months. It is also in the same square as the National Palace, where the president lives and has his personal offices. López Obrador warned his supporters of the risk of provocateurs and said they must be prudent because “then they are going to blame us.”

Blind allegiance, not blind obedience. After former Indep head Jamie Cárdenas said yesterday that the López Obrador administration wants officials to act with “blind obedience,” President López Obrador said that his administration is actually asking for blind allegiance to the transformation project he is leading. “He (Cárdenas) is right, we are asking for blind allegiance to our transformation project, because the people chose us to carry out a transformation, to end corruption,” he said. The president said that loyalty is to the people of Mexico and not to him. “Not to me. Loyalty to one single person most of the time turns into infamy and servility. We want loyalty to the transformation project,” he said. On Monday Cárdenas presented his resignation as Institute to Return the Stolen to the People (Indep) head, pointing out various acts of corruption and differences in the management of the institution.

Asks Supreme Court to consider people’s sentiment. President López Obrador asked ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) “not to be intimidated, act with discretion and resolve in accordance with the provisions of the law” regarding the referendum to prosecute former presidents. Minutes after  Minister Luis María Aguilar said he would declare the process unconstitutional, the president said the ministers also need to consider the sentiment of the people. Reacting to Aguilar’s argument, the president rejected the suggestion that the referendum affects human rights. “That is what (former president) Felipe Calderón has said since the start. I think differently, but we'd better wait for the full court to resolve the matter.”




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